C and T Engineering Ltd


C+T Engineering Ltd was founded in 1983 in Weston-super-Mare, originally as a subcontractor for the window manufacturing industry.

Still a strong player in this sector, we very rapidly diversified and are now operating across a very broad industrial spectrum.

The activities of C+T Engineering are split into:

  • Mould and Toolmaking
  • Assembly
  • Injection moulding
  • Production and Machining
  • Presswork
  • Welding
  • Aluminium component preparation

As a family run business, we pride ourselves in offering a friendly personalised service at a very competitive price.

Production and Machining

The production side of the business not only utilises our machining and press facilities, but can include the sawing of customers materials. For example aluminium extrusions and sections can be cut either on our automatic cut-off saws, producing high quantities of precision cut components or our double head mitre saws that are able to cope with longer sections.

Components can be deburred and packed ready for dispatch or go onto other processes that include CNC milling or routing (for the machining of intricate profiles and cut-outs), custom-made punching and preparation of sections, drilling, tapping, tumbling and final packing


Our press shop is equipped with power presses ranging from, 6 - 25 ton with presstools and tooling manufactured within our own toolroom enabling us to produce finished components such as corner cleats (chevrons), brackets, plates, fixing lugs and straps (including FX523A, FX524A, FX541AM, SX200, and SW400) to the punching and preparation of customers own extrusions and components. The presses can be fed with strip material guillotined on site. Automatically fed material utilising coil and power feed units or single pre-cut items simply positioned and removed manually. Complimenting our power presses we also have a range of hydraulic punching fixtures, all manufactured in house for the punching of our customers’ extrusions.


Toolmaking in our fully equipped toolroom including 3 axis CNC milling and spark eroding facilities that enable us to offer machining of single components and prototypes to jig, fixture, presstool making and the manufacture of injection moulds.  There are a multitude of operations and processes within these parameters- always willing to discuss and advise on any requirements

Injection Moulding

Consisting of some of the latest Arburg injection moulding machines ranging from 25 - 100 ton clamping capacities, our injection moulding section can cope with both short and long runs.

We keep in stock a good selection of general plastics and standard colours that enable us to respond quickly to our customers needs. Finished components are checked, desprued and bulk bagged, although special requests for assembly and packaging can be accommodated.

All of our customers’ moulds (95% of which have been designed and manufactured in our toolroom) are maintained and kept ready for use, again enabling a quick response to your requirements.

MIG and TIG Welding

We can offer our customers welding facilities that include TIG welding of aluminium and stainless steel and MIG and TIG welding of mild steel.

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