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Cabletime is the developer and manufacturer of industry leading digital media distribution and communications system, MediaStar.

Cabletime is now at the heart of the revolution to bring video media to the workplace through the development of its MediaStar Digital Media Distribution systems.

We manufacture:

  • DVB LAN-Casters: Terrestrial and Satellite
  • MPEG Encoders: High Definition, High Resolution PC and HD SDI
  • System Software: Configuration, Administration, Scheduling and PC Workstation
  • Digital Media Decoders: High Definition, Screen Control and Onboard Storage

Digital Media Distribution

We develop and manufacture the industry leading digital media distribution and communications system, MediaStar.

We provide innovative and advanced solutions in a bid to integrate video media into the workplace through the development of MediaStar Digital Media Distribution systems.

Digital Media Communication Systems

As leading designers and manufacturers of cutting edge digital media communication systems, we have developed and integrated the MediaStar Evolution range to take full advantage of leading edge technological developments in efficient digital video delivery.

As a superior digital media communications system, MediaStar Evolution provides IPTV, multimedia and digital signage through a range of DVB-T and DVB-S2 to IP gateways, MPEG-2/4 encoders, IPTV receivers and digital signage media players.

TV over Cat5 - MediaStar Compact

MediaStar Compact is a unique, end-to-end solution for TV over Cat5 audio and video delivery. Flexible, simple to install and intuitive in use, it is ideal for a broad range of applications.

You can connect hubs together to form a comprehensive 16-channel TV/AV system for up to 64 users, and each hub has 16 video and audio inputs on its rear panel to connect local video sources such as DVD players and satellite receivers. Up to 16 front panel outlets can be connected, each using MediaStar Compact Receiver units over distances of up to 400 metres through a Category 5/6 cabling system. The Compact Hub 743 includes a further 8 front panel outlets, and these 'duplicates' can effectively create one group of 9 screens or two groups of 5.

With zero LAN impact and no video/audio latency, MediaStar compact provides a highly effective balance of versatility, accessibility and efficiency.

IPTV - MediaStar Evolution

MediaStar Evolution is the straightforward, powerful IP video distribution solution for DIGITAL MEDIA/TV/AV content distribution over LAN, WAN and Metropolitan networks.

Usable 'straight from the box', reliable and versatile, it can be used to deliver TV, multimedia and digital signage to any audience over IP networks.

A total, 'end-to-end' solution, MediaStar Evolution provides IPTV, Multimedia and Digital Signage through a range of DVB-T and DVB-S2 IP Gateways, SD & HD MPEG-2/H264 Encoders, IPTV Receivers and Digital Signage Media Players.

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