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Cable Assemblies, Looms and Harnesses

Cable by name, cables by nature - which means that we know just about everything to do with wire cutting, stripping, tinning, crimping, terminating, marking, bunching, forming and routing.

We can produce one off samples or small production runs - within 24 hours if necessary - before building high volume bespoke and discreet cable assemblies, forms, looms and harnesses as well as patch and ribbon cables to your sample, peg board, CAD drawing, specification or instructions.

CableTronics’ services 

  • Wires prepared, cut, stripped, tinned, formed and bundled.
  • Complex assemblies, harnesses, wiring looms and cableforms manufactured.
  • Ribbon, IDC, co-axial and patch leads made to order.
  • Compliance testing for continuity, hi-pot, short circuit and cross over protection.
  • A choice of cable identification methods to military standards.
  • All cables can be manufactured from free issued or procured components and delivered on a JIT or scheduled method.

Having been established for over 10 years, we have a wide range of stock materials such as wire, cable, crimps, connectors and cable markers and an equally wide range of tooling for Amp, Molex, JST, Bulgin, Lemo, Harwin, Tyco and many other major brand terminals.

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PCB Population, Calibration and Test

Printed circuit boards are an important part of CableTronics’ business - most electromechanical devices need a PCB and CableTronics has the ability and know how to populate:  

  • Conventional printed circuit boards
  • Surface mount - both single sided and double sided
  • Boards with both technologies
  • See right for a full list of our PCB services

Our expertise lies in the supply of prototype boards tailor made to clients’ specifications, along with the manufacture of low volume PTH and/or surface mount, single sided, double sided and multi-layer boards. Our standard turnaround on prototypes is 48 hours - and 5 to 10 working days on all other standard orders.

All boards are populated and tested on-site using state of the art manufacturing and testing equipment.

Automated PCB finishing

At CableTronics, we have our own vision aligned stencil printer, fast changeover fully automated SMT vision placement unit and a state of the art vapour phase oven. 

This means that we can place components down to 0402, PLCCs, BGAs and QFPs - and ensure either lead free or leaded boards are made to the latest standards and approvals.

PCB re-work

Using hot air soldering stations, vacuum and conventional hand soldering tools, we can populate, produce and re-work prototype and production boards - with follow on batch runs - of either mixed, through-hole or SMD only composition.

And, we can guarantee fast turn-around PCB population - without penalising you through high prices. Typically, boards are:  

  • Free issued - supplied by the customer
  • Boards we purchase from our PCB manufacturing partners in the UK and overseas
  • Modification, re-work or refurbishment of OEM boards

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Sub-assembly and Prototype Build

Regardless of size, quantity or sophistication, we can build samples, prototypes and sub-assemblies from a sketch, model or CAD drawing.

We can also build assemblies incorporating electronic, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic or optical items from customer supplied parts - or from components procured by us in the UK and overseas.

Where applicable, all anti-static and RoHS procedures are observed.

And we produce documentary records, including digital photographs, drawings and detail build and test procedures to ensure consistency and quality is maintained throughout the life of the product.

We also encourage our technicians to visit and interact with you, passing on engineering feedback to enhance your equipment and to help give your company a competitive edge.

Sub-assembly services include

  • Machining, component placement, soldering, wiring and terminating.
  • Potting, encapsulating and gluing.
  • Heat shrinking, screening and conformal coating.
  • Wire wrapping, plumbing and mechanical construction.
  • EPROM and FTGA programming.
  • Product labelling and component serialisation.
  • Early stage functionality testing.

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Box Build - Product and System Construction

Electronic and mechanical box build

Full product manufacture and system assembly

We manufacture a wide range of products and systems, large and small, for demanding applications - including electronics, aerospace, military, telecommunications, medical, pharmaceutical and broadcasting.

Dedicated engineers, with in-depth knowledge of electronic and mechanical components and practices, will ensure full build compliance with your drawings, specifications and instructions to BS ISO 9001-2000 quality standards - whether in a fabricated or injection moulded case, a metal enclosure, rack, floor standing or bench top box.

All our engineers take great pride in their work and are trained to identify any technical or other issues prior to assembly to help ensure that deliveries are always on time - they also provide feedback direct to the customer, making our box build service second to none.

To ensure quality and consistency, we make full use of specialist equipment, a large stock of mechanical hardware and a wide selection of electrical components.

Specific areas of expertise

  • Cable assembly Typically part of our box build assembly activity, encompassing a wide variety of cable assembly techniques ranging from simple IDC cable assemblies through to integral wiring looms and custom harness. 
  • Light mechanical/electro-optical assembly Part of our box build assembly capability and often utilised in conjunction with our electronics manufacturing capability to produce a variety of electro-mechanical assemblies.
  • PCB manufacture Another in-house process that gives us total control of the manufacturing process from start to finish.

Particular attention is paid to

  • Planning, appearance and critical path routing.
  • Printed information, hinges and heat sources.
  • Seating, serviceability, support and stability.
  • Approach to termination points and termination lengths.
  • Trunking, grouping, crimping and fastening.
  • Accessibility to test points.

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Panel and Cabinet Production

We can make up panels of any size or type - including those with sophisticated PLC controls, high voltage electrical distribution or straight forward relay/contactor components.

Typical uses for our panels and cabinets include distribution, power and control applications.

Coupled with our cable, PCB and procurement services, we have developed efficient panel building methods that give thought to ease of use, programming, field service and repair.

Meticulous attention is given to every production detail - exposed live components are always shrouded and each wire is carefully labelled to identify every connection.

If required, components and graphic symbols can be identified with colour coordinated labels or nameplates.

Panels and systems incorporating components such as PLCs, MCBs, RCBs, PCBs, displays, keyboards, membranes, meters, indicators, switches, timers, servo controls, transformers, chokes and power supplies can be built and programmed to your exact requirements.

We can also look after

  • Cabinet construction - hangers, locks, seals
  • Out sourcing of both machining and panel spraying
  • Manufacture of internal and external labels
  • Laser engraving

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EXAMPLES of Panels and Cabinets

  • Conveyer panels.
  • Distribution panels.
  • Fire and security panels.
  • Automated control panels.
  • Customer interface panels.
  • Power cabinets.
  • Industrial control cabinets.
  • Automated control cabinets

Bespoke Test Boxes and Support Equipment

From a simple test box to sophisticated rack mounted equipment, we can build the most basic kit or the most complicated, tailored support apparatus.

Our equipment is used by scientists and engineers to test, service and calibrate products and equipment, to help build, set-up and program goods and to verify operating parameters.

We can assemble, build and wire, from your drawings or sketches, test equipment and production aids to support your soak testing, manufacturing systems, development projects, scientific research and field studies.

There’s always more that CableTronics can do for you.

We can recommend internal and external component placement before cutting, punching or drilling panels and enclosures. We can also arrange silk screening or laser engraving before our trained technicians populate, wire and test the units.

You can be confident that we will be able to help you with equipment that can increase productivity, aid production and improve quality.

And, as always with CableTronics’ flexible service, we can build from parts you supply, hold in our stores or purchase on your behalf.

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Product Rework and Refurbishment

CableTronics offer a comprehensive product rework and refurbishment service for all types of electrical equipment, large or small.

This service, for OEMs, major manufacturers, retailers and independent companies, ranges from single component replacement to complete assembly, strip down or rebuild, whether supplied in boxes or packed on pallets.

And no matter how simple or complex the project, our skilled workforce has the knowledge, experience, equipment and space to rectify or refurbish your products.

We recognise that you cannot afford to be without your goods for any longer than is necessary, so great importance is put on turning around reworked product as quickly as possible to help minimise your losses against downtime or delays in getting products to market.

As part of our service, we can log all the work carried out, the equipment used and the employee responsible. This documentation can be viewed during or after your order has been completed.

The majority of product rework we undertake is on foreign made goods – by using us, you save the time and costs of shipping them back to source.

Our aims are

  • To respond rapidly.
  • To improve product reliability and cover customers’ guarantee agreements.
  • To return goods to you as soon as possible.

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Complete Manufacturing - From Prototypes to Packaging

CableTronics can provide a complete manufacturing service, from samples or prototypes right through to full product and system build, calibration, test and packaging.

We can take total responsibility for the entire assembly process, regardless of size, quantity or sophistication from component procurement to PCB manufacture, product assembly and the boxing or bagging of goods.

For many customers’ products, we dispatch direct to their end user – this can also include the handling of accessories, spares and other associated equipment.

Great care is taken throughout the assembly process to ensure that not just the product, but all the final build parts – panels, doors, lids and labels – reach the customer in pristine condition.

We take into account environmental surroundings during transportation and storage and will pack goods in accordance with your specifications and instructions, using materials you prefer where requested.

Our aims are

  • To respond rapidly to all your requirements.
  • To reduce your costs, including stock holding, material waste and excess labour.
  • To help compensate for fluctuations in your business.
  • To increase your productivity when your demand exceeds capacity.
  • To provide products and services that will help to give you a competitive edge.

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In Summary - What We Do -

  • Wires cut, stripped, tinned and bundled.
  • Discrete and bespoke cables fabricated.
  • Complex looms, umbilicals and harnesses manufactured.
  • Cable assembly.
  • Cable assemblies.
  • Ribbon, patch and IDC cables made to order.
  • Conventional and surface mount PCB population, calibration and test.
  • Sub-assemblies and prototypes built from component level.
  • Electronic and mechanical product, system construction and box build.
  • Panel and cabinet production, including all integral wiring.
  • Bespoke test boxes and support equipment.
  • Product rework and refurbishment.
  • Complete manufacturing.
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