Caddology - David Danfer


Solidworks  is widely used across all types if industries.  This 3D computer aided  solid modelling mechanical design program, can automatically create drawings from solid advanced part models and assemblies. David has a fully licenced latest version of Solidworks Professional and has completed an array of training courses, set up by Solidworks.

3D Design

I specialise in 3D design and use Solidworks to develop your products from a concept sketch through to complete engineering drawings. My 3D design is created in native file formats to export data for any manufacturing process. I work closely with you to ensure we meet your exact requirements and project specifications at all levels.

Engineering Product Design

I have an aeronautical engineering degree and am able to bring a practical engineering mind to any project. I will actively tackle engineering and production problems at the crucial early stages of the design process. I always use a structured, methodical approach to any engineering product design.

CAD Conversion

I specialise in CAD conversion and am fully conversant with converting hand sketches to CAD. I am able to transfer designs from one CAD format to another or export in a PDF format as required.

Engineering Drawings

I produce engineering drawings to meet the latest standards for:

  • Sheet metalwork
  • Fabrication
  • Machining detailing
  • Process layouts

I work with you to meet your exact specifications and create engineering drawings to suit your required level of detail.

Photorealistic Rendering

I have the ability to import 3D models or create them from scratch. Photorealistic rendering is used to assign full pantone colours in a range of sheen levels, surface finishes from wood effect, chrome to glass finishes. I am able to create lighting and background conditions. Photorealistic rendering provides a photo quality image without the physical item.

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