Caldic (UK) Ltd


Here at Caldic, we provide speciality chemicals to a variety of industries worldwide. We produce a fantastic selection of speciality chemicals and fillers in unmatched quality.


We supply the oleochemicals of Cognis and Emery as a sustainable alternative to many other chemicals employed in the industry. Our oleochemicals are suitable for use with applications in the coating, cosmetic, lubricant, cleaning, chemical and food and feed industries.


Process Chemicals

We supply unique process chemicals to enhance industrial processes. Our incomparable process chemicals improve runnability, product quality, process speed and reduce need for maintenance stops.

Agricultural Transformers

We work with either direct farmers or agricultural transformers such as sugar producers to improve both specialties and commodities chemicals. Our agricultural transformers have been used within the sugar industry to promote caustic, nitric and sulphuric acids, bleach, and caustic soda.

Chemical Manufacturer

We work with chemical manufacturer industries in Western Europe and contribute a significant proportion of GDP in the developed world. Our chemical manufacturer produces a fantastic selection of processing aids to improve your manufacturing operations.

Surface Treatment

We provide innovative surface treatment chemicals and services to the metal-industry.

Our specialist surface treatment includes:

  • Electroplating Industry for the application of metal-layers on a substrates by chemical or electro-chemical way.
  • Electronics: lead free solder to printed circuit board-producers and to assemblers.

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