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Here at Caledon Controls, we provide industrial control solutions to local industries including electronic instrumentation, software, and complete electrical panels. We have extensive product and applications experience in industrial control solutions. We specialise in the design and manufacture of control products and systems to ISO 9001:1994 standards.  

Heating Control Applications

Our primary clients are heater and control systems OEMs and our products are used by major oil and gas companies around the world. Our heating control applications include fuel gas heaters and glycol reboilers. We have developed heating control applications to provide burst fire and single cycle burst fire control of resistive heater loads with current ratings up to 800A.

Higher Power Building Heating Systems

Our innovative SRC2000 and SRC3000 thyristor stacks are ideal for higher power building heating systems. Our higher power building heating systems are typically found in larger commercial, hotel and industrial installations. They are available with standard 0-10V control input to interface to BMS systems, and operate in burst fire mode, used almost exclusively in the heating and ventilating industry due to its freedom from problems associated with the generation of harmonics and radio frequency interference.

Furnaces and Ovens

We have been supplying the industrial furnaces and ovens sector since 1993 and are suppliers to major OEMs and end users. We have two types of thyristor controllers suitable for extensive furnace and oven applications at higher power levels in this industry.

Trace Heating

Our SRC series thyristor stacks are iused in the temperature control of large trace heating systems to suit your requirements. Trace heating is supplied from the secondary of a transformer to supply the correct voltage to match the maximum loading to the length of heater tape.

Infrared Heating

Traditionally phase angle control was used with infrared heating to generate a constant element temperature without rapid fluctuations due to the switching action of burst fire control. Phase angle control suffers from poor power factor and causes radio frequency interference and harmonic distortion in infrared heating.

Fuel Oil Heating

Our diverse thyristor stacks and controllers have been installed in power station and marine applications for fuel oil heating. On large systems, various thyristor controllers are used with LSC2 load sequencers with fast stage rotation to distribute power evenly between the fuel oil heating elements.

Thyristor Stacks for Transformer Loads

We supply an impressive collection of thyristor stacks for transformer loads including phase angle or soft start burst fire control coupled loads. Our thyristor stacks for transformer loads have communications capability, multiple control strategies and ratings from 80A to 1100A 3-phase.

Thyristor Stacks for Resistive Loads

Our thyristor stacks for resistive loads have been specifically designed for burst fire control or single cycle burst fire control in medium and high current heating applications for furnace, ovens, dryers etc. Our innovative thyristor stacks for resistive loads units use a proven MOSFET driver circuit and include closely controlled zero-voltage switch on, and low crossover commutation noise.

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