Calibration, Maintenance and Repair Ltd


Whatever your calibration requirements, from accelerometers to charge amplifiers, vibration controllers to multimeters, sound level meters to general instrumentation, we offer a genuine "one-stop" calibration service solution.

We offer:

  • ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 (UKAS) & ISO 9001: 2008 calibration certificates with pre/post readings
  • On-site calibration where practical to reduce your "down time"
  • Urgent calibrations at no extra cost
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Calibration contracts
  • Sales of Accelerometers, Cables, Vibration Analysers

No more waiting for weeks for the return of your equipment, we turn it around in a matter of days without compromising the quality of service.


Calibration Services

We offer a complete range of repair and calibration services for all types of vibration control and monitoring equipment. We also provide calibration services for general instrumentation such as oscilloscopes, DVMs, oscillators, sound level meters and PAT testers. We offer high-quality calibration services at competitive prices with fast turnaround times - we understand the cost and frustration of downtime. We also offer an on-site service on most types of equipment where practical, except accelerometers.

Our Calibration Laboratories use the highest quality equipment to provide accurate repeatable readings and our Certificates of Calibration come as standard with pre/post readings and uncertainties.

Due to our commitment to quality, we hold accreditation for both ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 (UKAS) and BS EN ISO 9001:2008.


Environmental Testing

We provide environmental testing and offer a high-quality vibration testing facility with comprehensive reporting. Our state-of-the-art vibration controllers offer, Sine, Random, Shock, Sine on Random, and Random on Random testing capabilities. We accommodate Sine testing up to 2224 N, Random up to 645 N and payloads up to 23 kilos. We also have an additional load support platform for heavy or large packages. Our facilities are available for both short and long term testing at highly competitive rates.

With over 60 years of experience in vibration testing, we are also available to come on site and enter new programs on a wide range of controllers and perfect their running on your system.


Calibration & Monitoring Instruments

We supply a wide range of accelerometers, cables and accessories, vibration analysers, HARM and Whole body meters, high accuracy charge amplifiers, data-loggers, sound level meters/calibrators and more.




Sound & Vibration Monitoring

Close partnership with top names in the Sound & Vibration Monitoring industry enables us to provide a "one stop shop" for all your sound and vibration monitoring needs.

We supply a wide range of accelerometers, cables and accessories, vibration analysers, HARM and Whole body meters, high accuracy charge amplifiers, data-loggers, sound level meters/calibrators and more.



Temperature & Humidity Instrumentation

Your measurements are always secure, clean and fast!

Whether carrying out spot checks or long-term measurements, measuring and recording core, surface or room temperatures, or other measurement parameters such as pH values.



Impulse Hammer Calibration

CMR offers UK based calibration of impulse hammers - possibly the only company in the UK to do so - no need to send your instruments overseas to be calibrated. Check out more about our impulse hammer service.

No need to send your Shock/Impulse and Spring Hammers overseas for calibration now, we can offer both UKAS 17025 and Traceable to National Standards thus saving you time and money.



Accelerometer Calibration

By using the latest technology calibration system available, we are able to offer incredible turnaround times on our accelerometer calibration service. Gone are the days of waiting for weeks for the return of your accelerometers, our flexible approach means you get the frequencies you require calibrated without having to pay for ones you do not need.




Helicopter Calibration

CMR Ltd have recently improved even further our "one stop shop" approach to Vibration Control and Monitoring Instrumentation calibration services by the introduction of Helicopter Balancer instrumentation.

  • Calibration of Vibrex 177M-6A, 177M, 192A, 8350, Vibrex 2000 (V2K), Vibrex 2000 Plus, 8500C, 8500C Plus, and VXP systems
  • Calibration of Velocimeters, Accelerometers and associated balancer interconnecting cables and circuitry
  • Calibration of balancer phase (clock angle)
  • Calibration of Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth Strobex
  • Calibration of magnetic pickups and photocells

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