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We supply brake calipers to independent owner drivers and fleet managers around the UK. We pride ourselves in supplying high quality and cost effective brake calipers to suit your budget and delivery schedules.

Remanufactured calipers have benefits including:

  • Remanufacturing leads to a cleaner environment.
  • Remanufacturing & material recovery helps in pollution prevention in turn making the planet a greener one.

Brake Caliper Reconditioning

At Caliper Engineering Ltd, we specialise in brake caliper reconditioning for vehicles & trailers.

We provide genuine brake caliper reconditioning across the UK. We are one of the leading companies in our field.

Brake Caliper Reconditioning

Knorr Bremse Calipers

We supply a wide range of Knorr Bremse Calipers suitable for a variety of applications. Our Knorr Bremse Caliper collection includes:

SB/SN 5000 Series

  • Mercedes Atego Range

SB/SN 6000 Series

  • Mercedes Atego/Mercedes Axle
  • B.P.W Trailer Axle
  • S.M.B Trailer Axle

SB/SN 7000 Series

  • Scania
  • D.A.F
  • Iveco
  • Mercedes
  • Foden
  • E.R.F
Knorr Bremse Calipers

Meritor Calipers

We provide cost effective Meritor calipers to an array of major companies. Our Meritor caliper range includes:

  • R.O.R, ELSA2, TGA Meritor Calipers
  • DX195 LM, TA Series
  • DELSA 2 LM, TA Series
  • E.R.F ECS & ECX
  • M.A.N F2000 & TGA
Meritor Calipers

Girling Calipers

We provide both new and remanufactured Girling calipers to meet individual budgets. Our Girling caliper selection includes:

  • Brembo/Eurocargo
  • 60E, 65E, 75E
  • 80E, 100E, 180E
Girling Calipers

Wabco Calipers

We specialise in the supply of Wabco calipers for commercial vehicles and trailers. Our Wabco calipers description includes:

  • Daf 45 Pan17, 19 Type
  • Man L2000, L2000 M Series
  • Renault Midlum Pan17, 19 Type
Wabco Calipers

Remanufacturing Process

We have undertaken a plant remanufacturing process, including refurbishment and replacement programmes. We have invested allot of money in our remanufacturing processes to improve the quality and finish of our parts washers, shot blasting, and painting processes. Our remanufacturing process includes:

  • Old calliper stripped down, put through parts washer.
  • Exposed to high powered shot blasting process.
  • Cleaned and coated with a high temperature resistant paint.
  • Oven dried.
  • Moved to build inspection area.
  • Re-assembled using only genuine kits and parts 
Remanufacturing Process
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