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Correct air and water temperatures and humidity are essential elements that make your pool environment an enjoyable and attractive environment in which to exercise or relax.

Calorex have over thirty years experience of designing and manufacturing, advising on the most energy efficient and cost effective systems to keep your pool environment comfortable and efficient to operate. In these energy conscious times Calorex heat pump based dehumidifiers will recover and recycle as much energy as possible to reduce the need for new energy input and the resulting CO2 emissions. Our systems help prevent damage to your building caused by high humidity, reducing maintenance costs too. All our ranges are specifically designed for pool conditions using robust, high grade materials, for trouble free and low maintenance operation.

From the smallest residential pools to the largest Olympic pools, Calorex have supplied thousands of units throughout the world. What type of pool do you have?

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps


To provide the swimming pool design engineer with a solution to pool heating which will reliably and economically heat a swimming pool, regardless of ambient air temperature and location.

Enjoyable swimming
The fun starts with the comfort that a heat pump offers! Controlling the temperature of water is essential to ensure the joy of swimming throughout the season.

A prolonged swimming season
Why should we only appreciate the two warmest months of summer when it is possible to extend this pleasure, regardless of the vagaries of the weather?

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Domestic Heat Pumps

"Affordable warmth assured with Calorex ground source heat pumps"
Calorex Heat Pumps Ltd are the UK’s leading manufacturer of heat pump technology with an unrivalled reputation for product design, development and the highest technical and engineering standards. This reputation has arisen from the intrinsic reliability and quality of our products over the last 30 years.

From our 80,000 sq ft Head Office and factory in Maldon Essex, Calorex have manufactured over 250,000 heat pumps to date and have now developed a unique range of domestic heat pump products which have been designed specifically for the UK domestic housing market.

Our commitment to R & D has seen us double the size of our development team since 2005.The benefits from this investment can be seen in our new domestic heating product range.

Throughout our product development programme and from the 1000’s of heat pumps we have installed, we have captured live performance data from a large number of new build and retro fit installations in the UK.

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Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers

Calorex are a world leading designer and manufacturer of heat pump Dehumidifiers.

Proven across the world, our products suit a wide range of applications - from the manufacture and storage of top of the range cars to materials, powders, electronics and paper - from the wettest airspaces to areas such as sub stations, offshore drilling platforms or sports centres where people work and play. Our wide range of units and operating temperatures ensure there is a system to fit every need. From high tech problems requiring sophisticated "total loss" or "keep dry recirculation" systems to a simple off the shelf mobile dehumidifier to plug in and go - Calorex are unique problem solvers in their field.

Your specialist advisory service.

Calorex engineers can analyse your application over a wide spectrum of temperature, capacities and geographies. Talk to us about drying continuous air streams, recirculation systems or specialist applications. We will recommend the most appropriate and economic solution. If we can't, we'll tell you!

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Commercial Heat Pumps and Heat Recovery

Commercial Heat Pumps
The real cost of the hot water we all use so freely, and largely take for granted, only becomes apparent when the bill comes in.  Calorex have a range of heat pumps that can efficiently recover energy from the air to heat water, saving money over conventional systems.  With increased demand for energy efficiency and reductions in CO2 emissions, heat pumps have never looked more attractive.

Typical applications
Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, any project with a regular demand for hot water.
The specific requirements can normally be broken down into one of three basic types of system:

Heat recovery for space cooling
Primary goal – to cool a space, typically for comfort or product storage
Secondary goal – reduce heating costs by reducing the load on boilers

  • Waste heat is dissipated to hot water circuit
  • No external condenser required
  • Sized and controlled on space cooling demand
  • Water heating stops when cooling demand satisfied
  • Supplements existing heating to reduce costs

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Building Driers and Electrical Site Heaters

The Calorex Porta ranges are a series of reliable building dryers perfectly suited for use in the demanding environments such as building sites and hire fleets. 

Porta-Dry Mobile Dehumidifiers are a range of robust fully mobile dehumidifiers designed specifically to provide rapid drying solutions and humidity control.

Porta-Cal Electric Site Heaters are a range of industrial/commercial portable electric fan heaters ideal for temporary space heating.

You may also be interested in our range of Portable Air Conditioning and Air Movers. By operating Porta-Dry dehumidifiers with Porta-Air fans providing greater air distribution, drying times will decrease by up to 40%.

Why Porta-Dry Dehumidifiers and Building Dryers?

Portable Air Conditioning and Air Movers

The Calorex Porta ranges are a series of reliable products perfectly suited for use in the demanding environments such as building sites and hire fleets. 

Porta-Temp is a range of robust mobile air conditioning units designed specifically to provide flexible cooling solutions.  The Porta-Temp 4500W is a water-cooled air conditioner with quick release interconnecting water lines allowing simple rapid installation.  The Porta-Temp 4500A is a monoblock air-cooled air conditioner with no interconnecting lines or external heat exchanger, only exhaust ducting.  The Porta-Temp 6500AHX is a water-cooled air conditioner designed for operation in extreme climate conditions.

Porta-Air is a range of robust lightweight axial mobile ventilation fans suitable for a variety of air movement applications. 

You may also be interested in our range of portable Building Dryers and Electric Site Heaters.  By operating Porta-Dry dehumidifiers with Porta-Air fans providing greater air distribution, drying times will decrease by up to 40%.

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