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We are an independent, family-owned company based in Scotland. We install and service a range of different stair lifts from our base in Dundee. Since 1978, we have been providing our invaluable service to customers throughout Scotland and the North of England. We have grown from strength to strength and now offer stair lifts, passenger lifts, disabled access lifts, and goods and service lifts.

Our stair lifts from Dundee are supplied with our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality.  We have a proven track record for providing excellence and value for money.

Stair Lifts

We provide a variety of stair lift installations to ensure mobility issues never diminish independence. Stair lifts offer a valuable, effective and cost-efficient solution to mobility needs around the home.

We do not use call centres for selling our stair lifts, when you contact us by telephone or email you are in direct contact with one of our staff based in our head office.

Quotations for stair lifts are issued without obligation in a courteous manner and without pressure. We will also not sell at inflated prices. We prefer to offer a fair price first time around. We include a 24-hour emergency call-out service using our own lift engineers for your peace of mind and a warranty period up to 4 years.   Our range of stairlifts includes Very Heavy Duty straight rail stairlifts with a weight capacity of 30 stone. We also supply a curved rail stairlift (where there are bends on the stair) suitable for very narrow stairs or where the client cannot bend his or her knees.   During travel the seat can be programmed to turn around so the user is not facing directly across the stairs. We also have the ideal stairlift solution for less common layouts for example if you have left and right turns on the same stair.

Passenger Lifts

We specialise in the installation and service of passenger lifts including the modernisation and refurbishment of existing passenger lifts. We have a variety of solutions suitable for a range of environments and needs. The Superidrofit hydraulic lift is our cost-effective solution to vertical needs. It can be installed in a new or existing building and designed to the highest standard with a broad array of options, such as full collective control and a choice of attractive interior designs and finishes.

The Superidrofit can be installed for 8 person to 16 person capacity and with rated loads from 630kg to 1000kg. Idrofit models are able to accommodate an increased load, up to 2000kg.

Rated speed for the Superidrofit lift is 0.63m/s and it will serve up to 7 floors of a building with choice of single car entry, through car or adjacent doors. Our lifts are fully compliant with EN81-70 and are independently tested and certified by a Notified Body after installation.

Disabled Access Lifts

Our disabled access lifts include the Domus. Designed to meet vertical mobility needs in public and private buildings, this disabled access lift offers a flawless solution for elderly and impaired mobility persons.

Elegance, noiselessness and discretion are the key to this disabled access lift enabling it to fit perfectly into any environment, new or existing. It is a modern product, designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of needs and can effortlessly move between five floors. 

The installation procedure requires limited masonry work thanks to the car being supplied with three sides. It requires a reduced consumption of energy and the closed three sides and the photocells inside guarantee passenger safety.   This lift can be installed outside and has a paintable aluminium structure, waterproof finish and lifetime durability. Our comprehensive range includes 36 different styles allowing you to choose a lift to blend into your decor, whether at home, in the office or in a shop.   We now offer a full 3-year warranty covering parts and labour.

Goods And Service Lifts

The specifications for goods and service lifts include hydraulic or electric traction, stainless or galvanised steel cars, variety of capacities up to 3000 kg, extra wide doors, and dimensions to accommodate goods such as furniture, hospital beds and electrical goods.

Goods and service lifts can also be installed with buffers fitted at varying heights to suit the requirement of the goods being transported. The BKG service lifts we supply and install are available in three basic configurations. They are hotel and restaurant, retail/store and industrial configurations. Customised options are available to fulfil your specific requirements. 

All our goods and service lifts comply with European Standards EN 81-3:2001 and achieve compliance with European Machinery Regulations, as well as carrying European CE marking.

Service and Repair

Our service and repair facilities consist of a 24-hour emergency call-out service, operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have service depots based in Dundee and Glasgow and our team of highly qualified lift engineers have had experience of working on various makes and models of lifts. We are confident we can offer a fast and efficient service to meet your needs.

Phone our office today to speak to an advisor regarding our service and repair contracts and we will be happy to discuss the most cost effective service contract specific to your circumstances and type of lift. 

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