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We provide a comprehensive vibration maintenance service. For the complete vibration maintenance service, we combine the wealth of technical expertise with the dedication of field service engineers to provide you with the total support for all your vibration testing needs.

Services range from the supply of spare parts to complete vibration test systems, all at very competitive prices.

Service Air-Cooled Shakers

Our field service support includes the service of air-cooled shakers. We provide the complete service for air-cooled shakers as we understand the pressure and inconvenience of having downed systems. Our response is to solve the problem first and to determine the cause later.

Our service centres are professionally staffed by long term experienced field service personnel who are knowledgeable about any make of electro-dynamic shaker system, irrespective of age. Additionally, quality certified parts for a variety of systems are stocked to ensure speedy availability when needed.

Service Water-Cooled Shakers

We also service water-cooled shakers. For the service of water-cooled shakers, our engineers are fully qualified and work to accredited ISO standards (first accredited in 1996).

Our engineers have first-hand experience in the repair of all water-cooled vibration systems from all the major shaker manufacturers.

Service Oil-Cooled Shakers

As well as water-cooled shaker systems, we also service oil-cooled shakers.

We retain a full set of original service manuals, circuit diagrams and schematics for all makes of vibration equipment, be it an air, water or oil-cooled shaker. This extends back over 40 years, providing the engineer with an excellent reference resource. Our engineers have first-hand experience in the repair and maintenance of MB Dynamics (MB) and Derritron oil-cooled shakers.

For the service of oil-cooled shakers, or any other related service, contact us now.

Service Slip Tables/Bearings

We specialise in service slip tables/bearings and we supply, rebuild and repair bearing guided slip tables for all models and manufacturers.

The hydrostatic and low-pressure bearings are manufactured from new or fully refurbished using existing bearings. New slip tables can be supplied in various sizes, thickness and shapes, with the customers required matrix fixing hole pattern.

For more information on service slip tables/bearings, visit our website.

Climatic Chamber Integration

We also have vast expertise with climatic chamber integration. With our knowledge and skills we integrate any make of electro-dynamic shaker with an environmental test chamber. We have many years experience working with all the chamber manufacturers from HALT/HASS AGREE Chambers to Walk-in/Drive-in Test Chambers. Shakers can be installed in-chambers, underneath chambers or suspended above chambers.

We will collaborate with the chamber manufacturer of your choice and offer advice on the engineering interface between chamber and shaker. For all of your climatic chamber integration needs, we have the solutions.

Armature Rewinds

We provide armature rewinds. Over the years, we have developed the capability to rewind armatures and supply replacement field coils for vibration systems originating from the world's top manufacturers. These are built to the highest standards, using the latest technologies and are fully guaranteed.

Replacement armature rewinds are available for: Ling Dynamic Systems (LDS), Unholtz Dickie (UD), Ling Electronics (LE), MB Dynamics (MB), Elin Union, Thermotron, Environmental Equipments, Gearing and Watson, Derritron and TIRA.

Field Coil Replacements

We provide a comprehensive range of field coil replacements.

Components inside shakers are constantly subjected to stress, differing electrical loads and thermal shock. Add to this the corrosive effect of water and the ageing process on copper and other dissimilar metals and failure is inevitable. Our engineers are trained to spot the early signs of failure when carrying out preventive maintenance to prolong the life of any coil.

Eventually over-time field coils fail and need to be replaced. For field coil replacements, we maintain a stock of air and water-cooled field coils and we manufacture to order, coils to your exact requirement at a very competitive price. Ask for a quote and see if we can resurrect your old shaker system.

Power Module Repair

For power module repair, our engineering team have experience and test equipment necessary to diagnose failed components and successfully repair older generations of vibration amplifier. Test rigs for all makes of power module from 1kW to 10kW output are available together with a stock of obsolete transistors, power diodes and amplifier sub-assemblies.

Test equipment for the new generation of power modules from ETS Solutions can also be repaired and fully tested.

For power module repair, we provide the complete service.

Electro-mechanical Spare Parts

We stock and supply electro-mechanical spare parts. A comprehensive selection of spare parts for shakers, amplifiers and auxiliary equipment are held in our service centres. Parts inventory includes, new electronic sub-assemblies, obsolete transistors, power diodes, power modules, mechanical sub-assemblies and more.

Deliveries of urgent components are made daily to our worldwide service network and to engineers working in the field. for more information on our electro-mechanical spare parts stock, visit our website.

Spare Parts Service Exchange Armatures

Also within our spare parts stock are service exchange armatures.

For continued reliability of vibration systems, it is integral that spare parts are of the highest standards. We manufacture and hold stock of service exchange armatures from the world’s top manufacturers. These are built to the highest standards, using the latest technologies and materials and are fully guaranteed. In many cases, the strength of the armature assembly either meets or exceeds the original manufacturers' specifications.

Stock includes hydrostatic guide bearings, linear ball bushings, electrical current lead-outs and beryllium copper flexures. Load support diaphragms to complete suspension systems are also available from stock.

Shaker Upgrade Long Stroke Conversion

For shaker upgrade our engineers have unrivalled experience in long stroke conversion, the conversion of shakers for long-stroke operation. Component parts are readily available to convert a traditional 25.4mm (1in) displacement machine into a 51mm (2in) or 65mm (2.5in) stroke shaker.

Upgrade modifications are normally carried out at our service center where machining facilities are readily available.

(EM) Electro-dynamic Shaker Systems

We provide timely professional service in the main global markets of the vibration test industry. In partnership with ETS Solutions and area representatives, we offer a vast array of vibration testing equipment to a global base of customers. Installations in more than 30 countries attest to ETS Solutions global position.

Now a major force in the industry, ETS Solutions offers shaker systems in five complete ranges from 20 Newton to 500 kN (440 lbf to 110 000 lbf), digital switching (Class D) power amplifiers, slip tables of all sizes and shapes and custom engineered head expanders and fixtures.

Vibration Instrumentation

For vibration instrumentation, we provide the complete service. We offer calibration services for the majority of control and monitoring equipment used in the vibration testing industry, either at the customers’ lab or at CVMSL.

Our technical expertise extends to the calibration of analogue and digital vibration controllers, PC based controllers, data acquisition, spectrum analysers, vibration meters, pocket meters, high accuracy charge amplifiers, frequency analysers, and any make of accelerometer such as - PCB Piezotronics, Endevco, Dytran, Vibra-Metrics and Monitran to name but a few.

CVMSL is a UKAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory for vibration accelerometers and works to the latest BS EN ISO 9001:2008/IEC 17025 international standards ensuring traceable and accredited calibration of most types of vibration control, monitoring and signal conditioning equipment.

Worldwide Service Support

We provide a professional, flexible and dedicated worldwide support service.

If you would like to make direct contact with any of the CVMSL representatives or nearest CVMSL service office, please feel free to call or e-mail us.

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