Campbell Coutts Ltd / DCA Electrostatics

Campbell Coutts Ltd/DCA Electrostatics have over thirty years experience in the forefront of the development of flock spraying equipment.

Fabricoat is our trade name for our range of electrostatic flock equipment by which means extremely attractive seamless suede or velvet coating may be applied to almost any surface.

Microflocker - flock spraying equipment

Fabricoater - portable battery operated flock unit

FABRICOAT Flock Coating Process

Reduction of condensation - caravan, boats, floor safes, air conditioning systems.

Reduction of mechanical noises/rattles - plastic car parts.

Sound insulation - load speakers, microphones.

Improved feel to surfaces - inside surface of fibreglass.

Heat insulation - photocopier parts, sauna stoves.

Non-reflective surface - jewellery, display trays, camera equipment.

Masking unattractive substrates - chipboard, MDF, fibreglass, vacuum formed plastics.

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