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Campbell Scientific dataloggers are known for their low power consumption, outstanding reliability (3 year guarantee as standard) and their versatility to measure virtually any electronic sensor and provide flexible options for data storage, data retrieval and data logger communications.

Measurement and Control Data Loggers
Campbell data loggers offer extensive measurement and control functionality and can form the basis of any type of data acquisition system such as automatic weather stations, environmental monitoring systems & structural monitoring systems, applications include:

  • Meteorology, climate study and weather monitoring
  • Air quality
  • Water quality, turbidity, flow, dissolved oxygen etc.
  • Structural monitoring, buildings, bridges, road, railways and tunnels.
  • Agricultural applications including irrigation control & crop studies
  • Micrometeorology, eddy covariance research
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Renewable Energy - site prospecting, profiling, output performance, forecasting.

Weather Stations - Research grade AWOS

Built around a Campbell logger our weather stations offer precision, reliability and low power - typically running from a battery pack and solar panel. Choose from a pre-configured and preprogrammed station or select the datalogger, sensor types and communication system from a wide range to configure your own station.

Solar Radiation Sensors

We supply a range of sensors for measuring solar radiation for weather monitoring, sun, tracking, recording hours of sunshine and for pv (photo voltaic) installations. These include pyranometer such as the CS300 and net radiation sensors for eddy covariance, energy balance and flux research such as Kipp & Zonen's CNR4

Sensors For Measuring Rainfall & Precipitation

Rainfall and precipitation can be measured in a variety of ways. We carry various types including tipping bucket rain gauges, both un-heated and heated, (for freezing conditions) and a rain detection sensor which indicates the start and end of a rain event.

Ice Sensors - Ice and Freezing Rain Detection

Icing and freezing rain can cause serious problems in a wide range of applications - transport networks, telephone and power cables, wind turbines and aviation are some of the more obvious ones. We sell two types of sensor, an ice detection sensor which indicates that icing is occurring and a freezing rain sensor which provides a measure of the intensity of icing.

Three Dimensional Sonic Wind Sensor

The CSAT3 sonic anemometer measures wind speed and direction in three dimensions. This research tool offers high resolution readings and a fast scan rate and is used mainly for either weather and climate research and in micrometeorological applications for monitoring turbulence in CO2 flux measurements.

Wind Sensors - For Wind Speed and Wind Direction

Wind speed and wind directions measurement is useful in a number of applications - meteorology of course but also for aviation, for dispersion (volcanic ash for example), wind energy resource assessments, for ballistics, for sports activities and sailing to name just a few. We carry a range of type but two of our most popular are the RM Young 01503 combined speed and direction sensor and the windsonic anemometer which has no moving parts.

Sensors for Atmospheric Pressure Measurement

Atmospheric pressure is a standard measurement in any weather monitoring application but it is also used in wind resource assessment in large scale wind farm preparations. Our two most popular sensors are the CS100 and the CS106

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