Cannon Pest Control


The largest independent pest control company in UK, Cannon Pest Control offer full UK coverage with technical staff based in all major towns and cities and able to cover all areas of the UK, including Northern Ireland.

Services include:

Rodent control
A comprehensive rodent control contract with Cannon Pest Control covers a range of preventive measures and brings customers many benefits, the most important being an assurance that health risks are minimised.

Insect control
We offer a complete range of insect pest control measures for the prevention and cure of these most common of pests using the most appropriate techniques.

Bird control
Cannon Pest Control offer numerous legal, humane and effective control methods to prevent pest bird damage and contamination.

Wildlife management
Cost competitive answers that deal with the many challenges managing wildlife poses.

Independent Auditing & Entomology For those environments in which a more complete biological control is required we have products, services and specialists to help you. Our entomologists will work together with you and provide accurate audit reports to ensure a greater level of protection for your goods and premises.

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