Cannon Technologies Ltd.

"Cannon Technologies Ltd for quality products competitively priced, available ex stock with free delivery to UK Mainland.

A wide range of products available including:
  • Server cabinets (Smart Cab)
  • Networking cabinets (Smart Net)
  • Wall Mounted enclosures
  • IP Rated cabinets & wall boxes
  • Co-Locate cabinets
  • EMC cabinets
  • Full range of accessories including Quick Fit (Saves 95% fixing time) including: Fans, shelves, cable management, power distribution units, stabilizers, castors, etc
  • Enclosure climate control: cooling units, thermal management, climate controlled enclosure systems, heat exchangers, and rack mounted climate control.
  • Outdoor cabinets available for roadside and trackside applications - Network Rail approved supplier. Including -Vandal proof, high security, thermal management systems, IP65, EMC, RFI cabinets."
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