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We offer an extensive range of materials testing of cast, forged and weldment products. We have comprehensive machining facilities at our sites and have a team of highly qualified metallurgists to offer technical support, material consultancy and to investigate failures.

Our materials testing include chemical analysis and consist of equipped OES and wet chemistry testing covering alloys, turnings and drillings. Our common testing includes corrosion resistance in urban, gas and marine situations. We can also provide corrosion prevention solutions and a series of paint testing facilities including polymer and elastomer testing.

Non Destructive Testing

We have a long standing, non destructive testing service to provide our wide customer base from many sections of industry, especially power generation, motorsport, infrastructure, aviation, and rail.

Our non destructive testing capabilities consist of acoustic emission testing, visual inspection, dye penetrant inspection, ultrasonic inspection, eddy current testing, ultrasonic gauging, and gamma radiography testing.

We can also provide thermography magnetic particle inspection, real time radiography, and phased array testing.

Non Destructive Testing

NDT Services

Our NDT services have grown to meet the demands of our customers and to encompass a large number of specialist services. They have been finely developed and now reach a global customer base. We can undertake Level III for clients and support activities and staff approvals.

Our NDT services include an expert examination of composite materials and bonded structures used in high level motorsport vehicles and aircraft. Our detailed inspection facilities include x-ray and ultrasonic testing. We have been involved in a number of high profile projects like Airbus A300, A320 and A380 and the Bell Boeing V22 Osprey.

NDT Services


We have a purpose-built training room to offer the essential training on practical testing using the latest equipment. Our training courses can benefit professionals from the rail, aircraft maintenance and aerospace sector. The types of products we have looked at include helicopter flying controls, airframe and engine components and a wide selection of precision machined products.

Our training courses can be adapted to suit your requirements and can include facets from technical consultancy and written practice to audits and NDT techniques and procedures.


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