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At Capital City Communications, we specialise in providing communication systems for business and radio coverage. Our selection of communication systems provide solutions for building security, lone workers, sporting events, and patrolling officers.

We provide communication solutions for business including radio coverage for:

  • Building security
  • Car parks (above and below ground)
  • Confined space tunnel walk ways
  • Lone workers, person down (Health & Safety)
  • Plant rooms and basements
  • University, School and Sporting events
  • Borough Retail Radio shop watch schemes
  • Street wardens
  • Trackside and tunnel comms
  • Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Trunking Systems
  • Wide area for patrolling officers

Airtime Services

We provide affordable airtime services and communications to help companies and organisations working to maximise the use of their time, money and staff through an efficient and reliable radio system.

Our airtime services operate in:

• Central London
• West London
• Birmingham

Airtime Services

Antenna Filter Systems

We provide advanced antenna filter systems for a variety of applications. Our antenna filter systems provide complete system design for reliable communications including:

  • Radiating cable systems for Tetra / UHF / Cellular GSM 900 / 1800 / 3G
  • Distributed indoor antennas system (DAS)
  • Single / Dual antenna systems for multi-channel networks
  • Fibre optic network for extending distributed antenna systems
Antenna Filter Systems

Base Station Equipment

We assist with radio stations requiring base station equipment from single frequency simplex to two frequency duplex operation. We supply Motorola and Team Simoco stations.

Our base station equipment includes:

  • Portable repeaters for emergency applications
  • Dispatcher stations
  • Light operational repeater 5W / 10W / 25W
  • Heavy operational repeater 25W / 100W
Base Station Equipment

Portable Mobile Radios

We provide portable mobile radios from Motorola, Hytera and Team Simoco. Our portable two way mobile radio products include VHF or UHF with or without keypad and displays.

Our product types include:

  • Standard portable radios
  • Lightweight portable radios
  • Mobiles for vehicles either standard or with remote mounted display heads
  • Intrinsically safe radios for hazardous areas
Portable Mobile Radios

Portable Mobile Accessories

We stock portable mobile accessories for the brands Entel, Motorola and Team Simoco.

Our portable mobile accessories for radios and mobiles include:

  • Aerials for vehicles
  • Batteries for portables radios
  • Chargers - single and multi way
  • Head Sets - lightweight and high noise environments
  • Remote speaker microphones
  • D-shape earphone, inline microphone and PTT
Portable Mobile Accessories

Site Equipment

We provide bespoke site equipment design for specific requirements. Our extensive range of site equipment includes:

  • Antennas for masts
  • Cavity filter networks
  • Cell enhancers - Tetra / UHF / GSM Cellular 900 / 1800 / 3G
  • Feeder cable and connectors
  • Fibre cable and connectors
  • Duplex filters - Tetra / UHF / GSM Cellular 900 / 1800 / 3G
  • Inline bi-directional amps
  • Radiating feeder cable & connectors
  • Stub masts - towers
  • Flat roof - self-supporting 6m masts stands with roof protection mounts 
  • Transmitter Isolators
  • Transmitter power splitters
  • 13.6VDC Battery power supplies and systems
  • 48VDC Battery power supplies and systems
Site Equipment

Site Services

We provide professional engineering site services nationwide.

Our first-class site services include:

  • Antenna rigging
  • Communication engineers
  • Cable installation team
  • Communications system designers
  • Frequency intermod checking
  • RF Interference and frequency spectrum emissions measurements.
  • RF Site engineering
  • RF Survey (0.01-3GHz)
  • Single / Multi mode fibre splicing
  • Site auditing of antenna, feeders and filter systems
  • System commissioning
Site Services

Specialist Systems

We provide specialist systems and bespoke radio systems for challenging operational areas.

Our specialist systems are suitable for:

  • Underground (single track) and railway tunnels (up and down line) with overground coverage
  • DAS In-building coverage including basements, floors, stair well and plant rooms
  • Underground areas
  • Confined space tunnels
Specialist Systems
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