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Founded in 1989, CAPITAL ELECTRONICS has established itself as an innovative supplier of  Terminal Blocks and Connectors to the electronic and electrical industries.along with other associated products such as RESISTORS  ,RELAYS, 

Today, CAPITAL ELECTRONICS market their line worldwide with over 15,000 products, covering a wide array of applications to a diverse customer base.

We work closely with a number of successful and fully approved manufacturers   ISO 9001:2008 and AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2009 certified,to design in new products which we then service and distribute for the life of the OEM product.

Always be assured that we offer full traceability and documentation from our factories ,along with scheduled pricing and delivery needs for each valued customer.

HVAC Process Control

The CAPITAL product line has evolved over the years to cater to the exacting needs of key manufacturers for the process control, medical, consumer and industrial electronics and electrical markets.

CAPITAL ELECTRONICS is also the distributor for X*FIBER  a laminated material.

This composite material comes in the form of woven fibre sheets, which can be manufactured in several different ways:-


or any combination of two or more of these different fibres.

The sheets are held together by a heat-hardened resin, the resulting material delivers both very high technical performance and excellent peel-ability.

HVAC Process Control

Automation Components Warwickshire

We supply and have expertise in all areas of automation technology and can help you with:

Terminal blocks, resistors, potentiometer, sims, laminated shims, Rail-mounted terminal blocks, push-wire connectors, installation terminal blocks, connection technology, automation connectors, automation components, PCBs, built-in devices, spring clamp terminal blocks, cage clamps,and process building automation.

Automation Components Warwickshire
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