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Event Hire and Sales for the London and surrounding area's.

Capital first introduced Chair hire way back in 2002 so we know exactly what you expect when hiring seating. The Chair Hire range is not as large as other companies but we do stock vast quantities of the range. The Catering Department has grown expedenually since its inception in 2010, we can now offer catering equipment for banquets from an intimate dinner for two to a full on Banquet for 2,000.

Customer service is paramount at Capital, our clients trust us to deliver for their event and we take that responsibility very seriously. At Capital, your event is treated as if our own, we will not compramise on quality of goods or service.

Chiavari Banqueting Chair Hire

Chiavari Chair Hire has come to be the wworld's most preferred chair for unique occasions and affairs varying from weddings, to high profile entertainment events such as the Grammy's and seating for prominent TELEVISION Shows like Dancing with the Stars.
Essentially, the attractive Chiavari Chair is a sophisticated chair that is not just sophisticated, however also affordable and an useful solution for managing seating for a small wedding event of 30 to a large gala of 2,000.
Our Chiavari Chairs are wood turned Chiavari Chairs that are constructed to endure the rigors and needs of the commercial and rental marketplace. Our customers range from Event Specialists from London, coprorates and the public who generally utilize them for wedding events ... etc. Our consumers require quality furnishings and our Chiavari chair hire definitely delivers.

Our Chiavari Chairs are produced according to stringent quality control standards. We satisfy hundreds of the highest quality and highest worth Chiavari Chairs for our clients throughout London and the South East.

Offered in a white lime-washed finish with complimenting seat pads it is both modern and elegant. The chair is made from Acacia wood which has a tight grain that resembles oak. The nature of the acacia wood is a diverse wood grain pattern with slight color variations providing a very natural and green environment.

Chiavari Banqueting Chair Hire

Folding Chair Hire

Folding and Stacking Chair Hire. When folded our light-weight plastic folding chairs are simple to shop and move. Our folding chair interlocks, permitting you to stack up to 65 chairs. When folded the AB1 measurers 3/16" x 38 1/2": Chairs are stack-able up to 40 high to enable your chair hire to be both beneficial and effortless to store.

Baked on grain enamel with Ultraviolet additives for incredibly defense. Plastic White Folding Chairs

Tubular steel frame constructed of tempered steel.

Feet are Non-marring, exchangeable, high-density polyethylene color combined. Folding Plastic Chair

Seam-welded 18 Gauge 3/4" Tubular Steel frame Rear cross brace is 20

Folding chairs additionally provide you the greatest versatility in space management in places that have dual or numerous purposes. A room that hosted the Boy Scout pancake breakfast in the morning can be quickly re-configured to accommodate a Bible Study team in the afternoon and maybe even a Potluck Dinner at night.

However, the adaptability and benefit of folding chairs also indicates that they are likely to be subjected to harsh use and abuse. Chairs will certainly be dragged across the floor instead of being properly folded, placed on carts or trucks, and rolled into position. Chairs will certainly also be subject to repeated abuse as they are stacked up, set up, dragged around a space, and sometimes dropped repeatedly.

Folding Chair Hire

MB1 Banqueting Chair Hire

Banqueting Chair Hire
The MB1 Banqueting Chair is a mid priced chair that is both comfy and easily stacked in heaps of 10.
Constructed of an 16-gauge steel frame includes a 2 1/2" thick cushion, double-support bracing, plastic glides and plastic bumper guards to safeguard your chair from scratching when stacked. Rocker Glides - Banquets
The MB1 Banqueting Chair with gold steel frame and burgundy upholstery is extremely resilient and constructed to last. 20mm steel frame Fashioned in high quality textile. This Chair is additionally available with a Blue cushioned seat and back rest.
The MB1 is readily available at the unbelievably low price of 1.50 which makes it the most cost effective Banqueting Chair Hire in the marketplace.

MB1 Banqueting Chair Hire

Catering Equipment Hire

Catering Equipment for Hire and Rental from London's largest event hire company.

Crockery is only the tip of our Catering hire dept, we also supply flatware, glasses and serving sundries.

Let us supply your needs for both your Christmas Catering needs and throughout the year.

Christmas dinner does not have to be a dreaded affair that you only thankfully only have to endure once a year. The holiday period is meant to be a joyous occasion. So why is it that Christmas day has one of highest rates of domestic violence? The true fact is, it is only second to the American super bowl.

The big day is full of situations that will raise the stress levels. The day will generally start with the opening of the presents. Whether delivered by Santa Claus or not? That is a whole different article. The present giving and receiving certainly sets the scene for the day’s events. If the presents are received with glee and not a respectful grin and a whispered thank you your day is off to a good start. If the opposite is true, the day can only go downhill from here. So how can you tell if someone really does like the reindeer sweater you lovingly purchased at the mall? A good guide to this is if the person actually uses or plays with the item for over five minutes, you have indeed chosen well.

As the day progresses and lunchtime looms, the kitchen is a hive of activity. With Twelve hungry mouths to feed and having no idea what half of those like and dislike the pressure on the chef mounts with every passing hour. You have forgotten one of your guests is a vegetarian and the vintage Champaign you purchased will have to be served in water tumblers as you forgot to get the correct glasses.

The above is a nightmare right? Well it really doesn’t have to be. Let’s go back two weeks and lay the plans that will ensure your Christmas is one to remember for the right reasons. If you plan in advance you will have an air of confidence that will carry you through and will spread like a wild fire to all of your guests.

Catering Equipment Hire

Table Hire

Our Table Hire department is as well equipped as all of the others. Once again we have taken the most prominent products and equipped them in large quantities.
When it pertains to selecting a table, the secret is not to begin at the start, but at the top ... the table top.

1. Top Material
Most folding table tops are constructed of plywood, particleboard or blow-molded plastic.

Plywood is for intensive-use applications. Solid plywood is considered one of the greatest table cores on the market. Plywood tables normally include a high-pressure laminate covering, which has a high-degree of burn, stain, and scratch resistance.

Particleboard is for light to average usage. Particleboard is made up of small wood pieces bonded together. Particleboard tops may have a low-pressure laminate or melamine covering, which is not as long lasting as high-pressure laminate.

Blow-molded plastic is a significantly preferred choice amongst churches. These tables are lightweight and easy to carry. The difficult, blow-molded plastic is impact-resistant and maintenance-free, and it will not chip, fracture, rot or peel. These tables are additionally weather-resistant, making them optimal for outdoor in addition to indoor use.

2. Frame
Most folding tables have steel legs, but just like folding chairs, the strength of the steel varies. Make sure to check the gauge of the steel made use of, and bear in mind that the lower the gauge, the more powerful the steel. Also, be sure to examine that the legs have a folding system that locks firmly in both the open and closed positions.

3. Height
Folding tables are offered with dealt with or adjustable-height legs. Fixed-height tables are a basic grownup height of 29 inches or 30 inches. Adjustable-height tables usually relocate one-inch increments throughout a wider array of heights, from as reduced as 19 inches to as high as 32 inches, and provide greater versatility when dealing with youngsters.

Right here is one last consideration. Many of the people who will certainly be relocating and setting up the tables and chairs are not professional furnishings movers. They're most likely volunteer participants of the congregation, with very little experience and possibly not in perfect shape for the job. So, make their job a little much easier by consisting of table trucks and chair dollies when you make your table hire. Your volunteers will certainly thank you for it.

Table Hire
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