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  1. Wellco Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum 21.6v

    Wellco Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum 21.6v

    The Wellco Cordless Lightweight Stick Vacuum 21.6v. Cleans ceilings, awkward corners and other hard to reach parts of your home will be no problem!

    Cordless stick vacuum cleaners are useful around the kitchen and other areas of the home. Ideal for when you don’t want to get out the dust pan and brush. Its uses aren’t just for the home either. take it outside to the car too! Because this Wellco stick vacuum is cordless, it makes the perfect tool for cleaning your car.  Those nooks and cranny’s need never be dirty or dusty again.

    Within just 3.5 hours you will have  21.6 Volts of power! You will be able to vacuum for up to 20 minutes without the hassle of cables getting in your way. It features a motorised brush bar that provides a one pass pick up performance; even with heavier debris. And with cordless cleaning freedom, you can now clean without worrying if the power cable is long enough and any restrictions.

    For added convenience you get a translucent bagless 0.35 litre dirt bowl which allows you to see the dirt so you know when it’s time to empty.

    You also get a crevice tool & a dusting brush that help make this hoover great at cleaning different areas of your home. The integral washable anti allergen HEPA filter gives peace of mind for a cleaner home for you and your loved ones.

    If you’re looking for something quick to suck up debris in a hurry, then a cordless vacuum cleaner is a useful appliance to have on standby.