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Here at Car Extras, we specialise in high quality car, van, pickup and bike accessories. We supply Road Angel fleet vehicle tracking systems to enable you to monitor the location of your vehicles at all times. Our fleet vehicle tracking systems are suitable for any size of fleet and assists with issues associated with duty of care, service intervals, vehicle warranty issues and security.

Our systems enable you to know where your drivers are and answers questions including:

  • Are they using your vehicle 'out of hours'?
  • Are they where they say they are?
  • Are they speeding and giving your company a bad name?
  • Are they wasting fuel?
  • Was it your driver involved in an insurance claim? 

Reversing Cameras

We supply effective and reliable reversing cameras and parking sensors suitable for fitting to a variety of vehicles. Our reversing cameras and parking sensors assist with parking in tight spots and reduce the risk of vehicle damage.  

Reversing Cameras

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