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CarasUK was established in June 2002 by directors with over 25 years combined industry experience.

Experience, Dedication & Professionalism
Our dedicated management team is committed to providing a professional and reliable service by working closely with you to achieve your required specification.   Building relationships with our customers enables CarasUK to be flexible to your needs and to provide the most effective and efficient retaining wall solutions.
  Quality & Commitment
We share our customers' commitment to quality and achieve the highest level of workmanship through the use of a trained workforce (whose skills are continuously updated), top quality materials and modern equipment. Great emphasis is placed on health and safety and CarasUK is committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions.
Hydraulic seeding uses mulch and tackifier mixed with grass seeds and is applied to areas that are not suitable for conventional seeding.   Hydro mulch is made from wood chips with a temporary green dye added to aid application and improve appearance. Mulch is a totally natural product which forms a blanket over soil and has a high water retention for rapid germination.   Recent projects include railway, road and river embankments.

Gabion Baskets

Gabion Baskets are rectangular mesh baskets that we provide in a range of sizes from 0.5m² upto 2m².

The wire mesh varies in diameter from 2mm to 8mm and is either welded or woven, galvanised or plastic coated, depending on application.   Baskets come in flat pack form and are assembled on site. They can be used in a range of applications from small domestic projects to large industrial schemes.   The infill to the baskets is usually locally sourced stone ranging from 200mm - 100mm. Hand facing ensures that the wall has a good cosmetic appearance.

Welded Mesh Gabion Baskets

J.R. Cookson required 700mm high, welded mesh gabion baskets in this wall which holds up a road around a new housing development. Locally sourced gritstone was used as a facing material.
Client: J.R. Cookson, Huddersfield.

Plastic Coated Woven Baskets

Plastic coated woven baskets were the most suitable solution for Ford Motors, Halewood, who needed to retain an earth embankment and create extra car parking space. The wall was faced with locally sourced granite stone.
Client: VHF.

River Erosion Protection

River erosion protection around an industrial unit in Yorkshire.
Client: Edwards Excavations, Leeds.

Crib Wall

An example of a crib wall installation.
Client: Norwest Holst.


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