Carbis Filtration Ltd

Carbis Filtration core business is primarily focused around the design and manufacture of Filtration Equipment, and Vessel Internals for the separation of solids from liquids, solids from gases and dissolved contaminants from process liquids and gases.

Our engineering expertise and experience accumulated over more than 25 years of service to industry worldwide allows us to provide solutions to a diverse range of applications. With our vast experience in manufacturing parts for critical applications such as Pressure Vessel Internals, Reactor Internals and High Pressure Filters we are a trusted supplier to many key Design and Engineering companies around the world.

Our extensive range of products covers most duties and provide the highest levels of reliability even in the most demanding of environments. Our team of mechanical engineers are capable of solving complex engineering tasks and our expertise and practical experience in the design, development and manufacture of Process Filtration Equipment makes us the ideal partner for your next project.

Wedge Wire Screens

Con-slot® wedge wire screens are used in a wide range of applications. Screen elements & baskets can be adapted to fit industry & custom made filter housings & vessels.

We can design & manufacture filter housings & vessels to suit your application.

Wedge Wire Screens

Metallic Filters & Strainer

Carbis Filtration manufacture:

  • Metal filter elements
  • Screens
  • Baskets
  • Candles

Manufactured to suit your specific application.

Metallic Filters & Strainer

Centrifuge Screens and Baskets

Carbis centrifuge screens, baskets and meshes are used worldwide.

Carbis centrifuge screens and meshes are designed & manufactured to fit:

  • Pusher
  • Screen Bowl Decanter
  • Screen Scroll
  • Peeler
  • Vibratory & Filtering centrifuges
Centrifuge Screens and Baskets

Activated Carbon Products

Applications Vapour Phase Activated Carbon

  • Solvent recovery - recovery and control of organic solvents.
  • Carbon dioxide - adsorption of alcohols, amines and mercaptans.
  • Waste disposal - removal of heavy metals and dioxins

Typical Applications Liquid Phase Activated Carbon

  • Potable water - removal of dissolved organics, control of taste, odour and colour.
  • Soft drinks - chlorine removal and adsorption of dissolved organics.
  • Brewing - removal of THM's, phenolics and decolourisation.
  • Semiconductors - TOC reduction.
  • Petrochemicals - hydrocarbon removal

Carbis Filtration supply  ( sale or hire )  a standard range of adsorber vessels for both liquid & vapour phase applications

Activated Carbon Products

Architectural Products

High strength high quality custom created architectural wedge wire screens are our speciality. We manufacture bespoke screens to your design & specification.

Architectural Products

Liquid and Gas Filter Cartridges and Filter Housings

We supply a wide range of filter cartridges & filter housings for the filtration of liquids & gases.

  • Pleated Cartridges
  • Lenticular Cartridges
  • Hydrocarbon removal cartridges
  • Carbon Cartridges
  • Spun Bond Cartridges
  • Single Filter Cartridge Housings
  • Multiple Filter Cartridge Housings
  • Sanitary Filter Cartridge Housings
  • Bag Filter Housings
Liquid and Gas Filter Cartridges and Filter Housings

Liquid Filter Bags and Filter Housings

Carbis Filtration supplies a range of filter bags, filter bag housings & associated equipment for liquids processing industries.

  • Felt Filter Bags
  • Mesh Filter Bags
  • Fully Welded Filter Bags
  • Extended Life Filter Bags
  • High Efficiency Absolute Rated Bags
  • Filter Bag Housings
Liquid Filter Bags and Filter Housings

Wire Cloth & Wire Cloth Products

We have been involved in weaving, manufacturing and converting of high quality woven wire cloth and meshes for over 20 years.

Wire Cloth & Wire Cloth Products

Effluent Treatment Packages

Carbis Filtration design & manufacture standard & custom mobile& small-scale wastewater & liquid effluent treatment packages.

Effluent Treatment Packages

Carbis Filtration Ltd Overview