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We specialise in the production of graphite machined furnace components. We have been producing graphite machined furnace components at our Scunthorpe base for over 30 years.

As well as graphite machined furnace components, we also produce:

  • Rotors and lances
  • Cathodic anodes
  • Runout plates
  • Bespoke components

Furnace Parts

We offer a versatile and precise service for machined graphite furnace parts. We produce furnace parts for all types of heat treatment furnaces including heating elements, connectors, power lead in and hearth furniture.

We also offer:

  • Boats
  • Plates
  • Individual support fixtures
  • Trays
Furnace Parts

Graphite Rotors and Lances

As an immensely experienced manufacturer of graphite components, we produce graphite rotors and lances.

We produce high quality graphite rotors and lances utilising our expert knowledge of both graphite and aluminium. This ensures all of our customers receive the best possible rotor system for the required metal treatment operation.

Graphite Rotors and Lances

Graphite Cathodic Anodes

We manufacture graphite cathodic anodes using the very highest quality materials, making them ideal for use as inert anodes.

Our graphite cathodic anodes can be used in dry or wet ground environments and they also offer superior protection in seawater and high chlorine conditions.

Graphite Cathodic Anodes

Graphite Runout Plates

Our vast and informed services and manufacturing capabilities also cover graphite runout plates. We manufacture graphite runout plates and guides for the aluminium extrusion industry.

With these plates and guides, we can produce flat, bevelled or round in cross-section machined parts to suit any extrusion equipment.

Graphite Runout Plates
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