Cargo Collections


Established in 1973, the latest jewellery from Cargo Collections offers something for everyone. With a combination of lively colours and fashionable designs, Cargo Collections is recognised as a market leader for the design and manufacture of an extensive range of sterling silver jewellery.

This extensive range comprises of a wide variety of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings. Also available is a vast array of body jewellery and tattoo equipment. With over 400 body jewellery products, we offer silver, titanium, steel and PTFE.

Commanding a mere 27” in diameter of floor space, Cargo Collections are also proud to have engineered a fantastic fully lit, rotating, point of sale stand, featuring the collection’s best-selling lines, already priced and packaged for you.

Cargo Collections is a customer-centric company, whose primary focus is to ensure their jewellery is of excellent quality, whilst managing to maintain competitive pricing.


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