Caro Group of Companies

  • A comprehensive range of Roof and Floor Drainage Products
  • Drainage outlets for Flat Roofs, Balconies and Terraces
  • Floor Outlets with high quality, machine finished gratings
  • Shower Outlets for restricted height installations - vinyl or tiled floors

Caroflow Roof Drainage outlets ensure a watertight connection between the water/damp proofing membranes and the drainage pipe work, thereby removing the problem of water penetration at this crucial junction. The outlets provide a ready made, engineered, sump that is mechanically sealed to the membranes and then connect that sump securely to the pipe work.

Caroflow Floor & Shower Drainage outlets are manufactured to the highest standards to give superb products that combine superior corrosion resistant materials with an aesthetically pleasing finish and the assurance of performance expected from all CARO products.

The range includes Untrapped & Trapped Floor Outlets along with a selection of Shower Outlets for sheet and tiled flooring applications.


Caro Support - Paving Slab Support System

  • Caro Support Paving Slab Support System
  • Protection of waterproofing membrane from direct contact damage, Ultra Violet degradation and temperature extremes
  • Immediate drainage between and under slabs - prevents build up of standing water and plant growth
  • Simple installation - reduces time and labour
  • All drainage outlets, conduits, etc, concealed below slabs - leaves a safe, unobstructed paved area
  • Manufactured in Block Co-Polypropylene - temperature and impact resistant
  • 175 mm diameter x 15mm high - stackable up to 8 supports high (120mm)
  • Millions of Caro Paving Supports safely supplied and used since 1985
Caro Support - Paving Slab Support System

Caro WaterWall - Flood Defence and Protection Products

  • Waterwall & Water Door Flood Barrier
  • Mountable & demountable flood protection
  • Produced to order from Caro's Manufacturing Plant
  • Extremely quick & very easy to use
  • From Flood Warning to Erection in a matter of minutes
  • Aluminium & Steel manufacture - last a life time & more
  • Suitable for residential and commercial protection
Caro WaterWall - Flood Defence and Protection Products

Caro WaterDoor - Flood Defence and Protection Products

The WaterDoor Flood Defence Barrier is, in effect, the "baby brother" of the WaterWall and has been developed to provide the same quick and convenient method of "building" a water tight flood barrier, but is specifically designed for the smaller domestic residential and commercial doorways.   Like WaterWall, the WaterDoor makes use of two permanently-fixed vertical channels fitted either side of the doorway. This then allows the Aluminium panels to be dropped into position so that when deployed, a barrier up to 1200mm high for any required span up to 1500mm wide is ready to protect your property.
Caro WaterDoor - Flood Defence and Protection Products

Maybrey Reliance - Die and Sand Casting Foundry

Maybrey Reliance, as part of the Caro Group of Companies, offers a complete service from casting to finished products, specialising in all aspects of Ferrous and non-Ferrous Sand and Die castings.

In order to maintain our competitive edge in the global market place, an extensive programme of ongoing investment in building and plant across the manufacturing facilities within the Group, in Belvedere and Crayford, has been implemented and will continue into the foreseeable future.

  • Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Die and Sand Casting Foundry
  • ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Assured
  • Caters for all commercial, aerospace, military and other requirements
  • Non-destructive testing facilities available
  • Radiological, Dye Penetrant, Mechanical and Chemical Analysis.
  • London based - easy access to the M25
  • In house heat treatment
  • Induction Furnaces
  • Shot blasting
  • Light engineering facilities
  • Gravity Die Casting
  • Sand Casting (in green sand & boxless systems)
  • Tool Making and Pattern Making
  • Wet and Powder Coating available
  • Light Engineering/Machining
  • Aluminium
  • Iron
  • Silicon Iron
  • Steel
  • Zinc
  • S.G & Malleable
  • Ni-Hard
  • Brass
  • Bronze
Maybrey Reliance - Die and Sand Casting Foundry

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