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Office fans:

  • A range of office fans to keep any room tidy, stylish and, most importantly, cool.
  • A powerful three-speed fan motor, a range of oscillation settings and safety features as standard make these fans ideal for the home or for work.
  • Perfect for: home office, workstations, industrial applications, retail, working environments and flood restoration applications.

Industrial fans:

  • Industrial fans and blowers designed to move large volumes of air to cool and ventilate offices and workshops.
  • All these fans have variable speed control, are supplied with a 13 amp plug for immediate use, and can be tilted to cool the exact spot you have in mind.
  • Perfect for: industrial, commercial, film production, automotive workshops, retail applications, leisure, education, factories, roof space, laboratories, computer rooms and busy kitchens.

Air Conditioning Hire

Portable Ducted AC Hire:

  • With a simple design and innovative technology, this range of movable ducted air conditioning units is the ideal solution for ensuring that offices and commercial premises are kept cool and comfortable.
  • The air cooling units in this range are very quiet and mounted on castors.
  • Perfect for: offices and commercial premises.

Industrial Portable Ducted AC Hire

  • The SF15 & HSC range of spot-cooling air conditioning units are the economical way to cool people, processes and heat-sensitive equipment, even in high ambient temperatures.
  • By focusing a stream of refrigerated air directly on to a specific hot spot, these products efficiently reduce air energy costs.
  • The SF15 & HSC range of products are equally effective as spot coolers or air conditioners, cooling personnel, equipment or production processes with maximum efficiency.
  • Perfect for: office personnel, computer room servers, kitchens, shops, production lines, laboratories, aviation industry, dealing roomsnd banks or government offices.

Portable Split AC Hire:

  • The portable split air conditioning range utilises an original design comprising two units working together to produce a comfortable environment for the home or office.
  • The portable split air conditioning system is very economical and quiet in operation, ideal for cooling and heating commercial and domestic environments with the minimum of fuss.
  • Perfect for: your home, office personnel, computer rooms,  telecommunication and event hire.

Evaporative AC Hire:

  • These evaporative air con units are ideal for the commercial environment.
  • Being fully mobile and extremely economical, the evaporative cooler quickly and effectively cools warm rooms.
  • Perfect for: education, healthcare, shops, offices, fitness centres, retail, hospitals, museums, TV production areas, manufacturing, factory production lines, nightclubs, stables and kennels, agricultural and military.

Split AC Hire:

  • Air conditioning units are fast becoming a necessity, particularly in certain environments such as computer rooms and general offices, as they are quiet and very efficient at temperature control.
  • Unlike fans, air conditioning units are multi-functional by cooling, heating, cleaning and dehumidifying the air.
  • Split air conditioning is suitable for virtually any application, whether it be in the office or the home.
  • Perfect for: IT computer rooms, data centres, server rooms, telecommunication facilities, offices, sops and commercial premises.

Chillers and MPU Hire:

  • The CH081 air-cooled water chiller and air handler offer supreme flexibility to facilitate easy installation. The system can be used for low-temperature work as well as comfort cooling.
  • The mobile air con units are supplied on either castors or rubber wheels to allow maximum mobility.
  • Cool, dry air is supplied by means of flexible ducts connected to the front of the units which can be extended up to 30 metres.
  • Perfect for: computer rooms, open plan offices, call centres, factories, large retail outlets, switch rooms, compressor rooms, heavy duty industrial/process applications.
Air Conditioning Hire

Dehumidifier Hire

Dehumidifier hire
CAS-Hire have built up a varied fleet of refrigerant and desiccant dehumidifiers that are suitable for flood restoration, document storage, vintage car storage, construction sites, laboratories, electronic manufacturing processes and standards rooms. While the desiccant range can extract moisture at lower temperatures the varied fleet of refrigerant dehumidifiers can be easily maneuvered in domestic and industrial applications and some of the units have in-built water pumps so they can be left unattended for long periods of time without requiring to frequently empty heavy water containers. 

Refrigerant Dehumidifier Hire:

  • The varied fleet of refrigerant dehumidifiers can be easily maneuvered in domestic and industrial applications and some of the units have in-built water pumps so they can be left unattended for long periods of time without requiring to frequently empty heavy water containers. 
  • The greatest attraction of a dehumidifier must be that it can remove three times as much moisture as a heater, for the same energy costs.
  • Perfect for: flood restoration projects, hairdressing salons, damp climates and hot and humid climates.

Dessicant Dehumidifier Hire:

  • The desiccant range of dehumidifiers can extract moisture at lower temperatures.
  • If you are looking for a rugged, lightweight but high performance dehumidifier look no further. These dryers utilize desiccant technology which enables them to continue to remove moisture down to and below freezing and 30% relative humidity.
  • Perfect for: offices, laboratories, medical, shops, food industry, warehouses, pharmaceutical, defence industry, hotels, cold stores, basements, de-flooding, factories, agriculture and saunas.
Dehumidifier Hire

Heating Hire

Oill Filled/Convection:

  • These attractive, stylish heaters are ideal for both the domestic and the commercial environment. An adjustable thermostat ensures the room is kept at the desired temperature at all times.
  • Both units are equipped with a variety of heat settings. If the room temperature should fall below 5ºC, automatic frost protection will prevent any damage from occurring.
  • Perfect for: closed spaces, small offices, chilly hospital wards, draughty classrooms, retail outlets and hotel environments.

Electric Fan Assisted:

  • The WHH and EFA fan-assisted electric heaters are of sturdy construction and offer constant heat with ease of operation.
  • All the fan-assisted heaters can also be operated in a fan-only mode, allowing them to be used in the summer as air circulators.
  • The DFE fan assisted electric heater has a circular fitting on the front, allowing a flexible duct of between five and ten metres to be connected. This feature allows more flexibility in locating the unit. The DFE is supplied with ducts of up to 10 m long.
  • Perfect for: schools, construction sites, retail, offices, hospital, manufacturing, storage areas and flood damage restoration sites.


  • Ceramic / infrared heaters work by turning energy into heat rather than light, providing direct controllable warmth whenever required with the minimum of wasted energy.
  • Perfect for: drying and heating construction sites, flood restoration sites, retail production areas, warehousing, factory production areas, localised comfort heating and damp removal in workshops, garages, commercial and domestic premises.

Gas Heaters:

  • Portable Gas Fired heaters are designed to provide large volumes of instant controllable heat.
  • Gas heaters can range from the office friendly butane fired Cabinet heater (CH11) or alternatively, industrial propane jet heaters.
  • Perfect for: office heating.
Heating Hire

Air Cleaner/Air Purification Hire

  • An Air purifier (Air cleaner) is a portable or fixed appliance designed to remove contaminatns from air. Air purifiers are commonly marketed as being particularly beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics, and at reducing second-hand tobacco smoke.
  • Several different processes of varying effectiveness can be used to purify air. Different processes may remove different contaminants, so there is advantage in using more than one process in a purifier.
  • Perfect for: waiting rooms, city apartments, small houses, small retail outlets, office spaces, surgical theatres, hospital wards, manufacturing processes, clean rooms and laboratories.
Air Cleaner/Air Purification Hire

Humidifier Hire

  • Indoor air quality is significantly influenced by the temperature and relative humidity of the air, with a relative humidity of between 45% and 55% considered to be the most healthy and pleasant. However, central heating and winter air often combine forces to reduce indoor humidity levels to below 25%. The more you use central heating, the dryer the air becomes.
  • Advanced humidifier technology systems can contribute significantly to creating a refreshing and vital atmosphere at home and at the office. These humidifiers can even be used as vaporisers with their built-in medication cup and, due to their larger tank capacity, need refilling less frequently.
Humidifier Hire

Air conditioning Installers

Fixed Air conditioning
Our fixed air conditioning sales and installation division can discuss, design, install, service and maintain air conditioning systems to suit your specific requirements. CAS-Hire/Cooler Air Services Ltd are certified members of Daikin D1 Partnership for Daikin air conditioning approved installer network along with HVCA and REFCOM approved.

Air conditioning Installers

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