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Castech (UK) Ltd supply specialist Precision Aluminium Sand Castings, Precision Investment Castings, Precision Sheet Metal Work, Precision CNC Machined Components and Precision Polyurethane Mouldings. All of our specialist manufacturing is done in the United Kingdom. Our 26 year track record of success in the manufacture and supply of Precision Components is based on well established manufacturing proceedures combined with state of the art facilities for the manufacturing of tooling. We can accept design briefs via email, ideally in 3D solid model formulated IGES files backed up by 2D PDF/DXF files.

We manufacture components for companies in various markets including: Aerospace, Military/Defence, Automotive, Electronic, Communications, Medical and more.

Aluminium Sand Castings

We provide a market leading service for your high quality precision aluminium castings. As well as aluminium castings we also cover aluminium sand casting requirements. With aluminium castings and related products and services, we have over 25 years of experience and an unrivalled success rate based on modern tooling techniques and expert technical advice.

Tolerance achieved:

  • Aluminium castings + .4mm to 300mm (pro rata thereafter)
Aluminium Sand Castings

Gravity Die Castings

Our Gravity Die Casting capabilities are perfect for your medium/large batch quantities. Whilst the tooling is significantly more expensive than for Sand Casting, you can quickly cover this cost with the very low unit prices. Gravity Die Castings have a higher casting rate than Sand Castings and have very high tensile strength. The quality of as cast components is excellent - eradicating the need for a variety of surface treatments and therefore reducing the unit price. Minimum wall thickness is 3mm - 5mm. Please give us a call to discuss your requriements. 

Gravity Die Castings

Pressure Die Castings

High Pressure Die Castings

Molten metal is injected into a die under very high pressure. Perfectly suited for high production runs and wall thicknesses can be as thin as 1-2.5mm. High Pressure Die Castings offer the best quality surface finish and a high surface grain is obtainable. Full heat treatment is not possible for High Pressure Die Castings. Natural castings are very high strength. More susceptible to porosity although evacuated chamber and other methods can be used to reduce this. The start up costs are very high and long term production runs are required for you to really appreciate the very low cost unit prices.

Low Pressure Die Castings

This is a development of the permanent mould process – the metal enters the die from below. The metal is held in place by gas pressure until it becomes solid. Complex machinery is required - just like High Pressure Die Castings. Production rates are very good, although not as good as High Pressure Die Casting. Wall thicknesses can be as thin as 2-3mm. Yields are high and expected over 90%. Porosity free castings are achievable. 

Pressure Die Castings

Precision Investment Castings

We lead the field in the production of small, finely detailed complex components. We have the only precision investment castings facility with every resource in one location: foundry, machine and assembly shop, design and project management.

We are the premier technical sales agent for Micro Metalsmiths. For further information on precision investment castings or any of our other services, visit our website.

Precision Investment Castings

Precision CNC Machining

We machine ferrous and non-ferrous materials straight from solid using our CAD/CAM software and also provide surface finish, painting and assembly as required.

The company has a well equipped inspection department with CMM for fast verification of machining processes and maintains a quality system in accordance with ISO 9000:2001 and AS9100.

Enquiries by electronic format either being .PDF, .DXF and .IGS files will be taken and dealt with promptly to offer advice on the process, design, materials and finishing.

Components supplied complete to your specification.

Precision CNC Machining

Sheet Metal Work

Castech (UK) Ltd is now pleased to announce that we offer Sheet Metal Work. Using the latest technology, we can deliver components to an incredibly high level of quality. We offer:
- Punching
- Milling
- Turning
- Welding
- Folding
- Laser Cutting
- CNC Machined Manufacture
Please send us your drawings today (ideally 2d PDF supported with 3D IGES and DXF). We look forward to receiving your enquiries and working with you.

Sheet Metal Work

RIM Polyurethane Mouldings

We also specialise in RIM polyurethane mouldings. We will provide you with the production expertise and technical skill to manufacture low cost tooling in-house using reaction injection moulding (RIM) techniques. Over 20 years, we have earned a reputation for quality, value and service with RIM polyurethane mouldings; a second to none service.

Tolerance achieved:

  • RIM Polyurethane mouldings + .3mm to 300mm (then 0.1mm per 100mm thereafter)
RIM Polyurethane Mouldings

Our Portfolio and Accreditations

Our impressive portfolio of customers include Blue Chip companies from the Medical Laboratory Equipment, Military, Aerospace and Submersible Vehicles industries.

We specialise in:

In house tooling manufacture includes pattern making and mould making using conventional and 3D CAD/CAM equipment

In-house machine shop, conventional and CNC equipment

In house paint shops Wet and Powder Coat

In-house Assembly Units

Certificate of Conformance and Material Traceability Certificates supplied

Administration ISO 9001 - 2008 accredited

Mouldings manufactured from fire retardant materials VO rated

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