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We are based in the heart of a beautiful, green valley hidden away in Caerphilly, South Wales. Castle Dairies has been producing awarding winning butters and distributing them to a wholesalers and retail markets across the UK.

Castle Dairies was established in 1968 and since then has grown substantially. We have continually invested in new technologies and skills and are now one of the few dairies to both churn and pack their butter.

Contract Processing

We provide contract processing where we take in a customer's cream and process this into bulk amounts of 25kg blocks of butter.

Contract processing can include the processing of butter into large blocks and packed under the customer's own brand name. 

Contract Packing

Our contract packing service includes taking our customer's bulk butter supplies and 250kg blocks and packing them into parchment or foil wraps.

The final process of contract packing is placing the wrapped butter into case sizes depending on the customer's requirements. The cases we have available are 10 x 250g, 20 x 250g and 40 x 250g. 

Supply and Pack

We purchase both butter and cream on a frequent basis and offer a supply and pack service.

Our supply and pack services can pack butter into your own brand of labelled butter or our own brand.


We have been producing organic cream and butter since 1997.

We can offer bulk supplies of organic butter in both unsalted and salted varieties.

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