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Set up to serve the Petrochemical, Chemical and Oil and Gas Industries Metals UK Ltd began supplying Duplex, Super Duplex and Nickel Alloys in November 2002. To complement these grades of material Metals UK bought E Hardings & Sons and LOKS Plasma Services in 2003 and KKS in 2005, firmly embedding the Metals UK Group in the market place as a unique supplier of 21 grades of material with every known method of processing available. In 2008 A. M. Castle & Co (USA) were looking for a European acquisition to expand its international presence and Metals UK fulfilled all their requirements. Now when the global market buys, it buys from us.

Markets served

Geographically the markets we serve are world-wide. And primarily our products are used in environments where extreme temperatures occur or where the elements combine to create an extremely corrosive atmosphere.

In simple terms, anywhere that cutting edge engineering is practised our materials will be found and typically these environments include industries such as oil and gas, chemical manufacture, nuclear and aerospace.

Whether in full plate, bar or precision profile, Metals UK and its family of businesses are able to deliver quality, world-class nickel alloys

Stainless Alloys

Here at Castle Metals UK we have a dedicated and experienced stainless steel sales team enabling us to deliver an unbeatable service.

Supplying stainless steel for end users and stockholders in plate, sheet, bar and precision profile, we offer a high level of profile creativity and processing capabilities from our head office In Blackburn, Lancashire.

Our focus on quality and service has, over many years, built us an excellent reputation with our many customers in diverse market sectors. All our stainless material is certified to the highest industry standards including, NACE, Norsok, ISO, ISO15156 and Shell to name a few

Duplex / Super Duplex Plate and Bar Inventory


From thin sheet to thick plate, round bar, pipe and fittings, we are able to offer the widest range of stock at the most competitive prices.

Supported dilligently by global steel mills, our stocks are always kept at a level equal to market demand, allowing our customers to order their requirements on short lead times

Speciality Alloys

Our speciality alloy division at Castle Metals UK offers a world class range of Duplex, Super Duplex and Nickel Alloys in sheet, plate and round bar form. We have extensive in-house processing capabilities which make us a vital part of the speciality steel supply chain.

The grades we carry offer a super combination of heat resistance, high temperature corrosion resistance, toughness and strength, and are used in the world’s most technically demanding industries.

Our customers benefit from the skills our dedicated workforce has developed over many years offering a service unmatched by any of our competitors. Your alloy enquiries will be handled quickly, efficiently and above all, cost effectively.

International Sales

The export team at Castle Metals UK currently exports to 45 countries in Europe, The Americas, The Middle and Far East, India and Australia and specialises in understanding and meeting the specific needs of our international customers.

This multi-lingual team, all with different backgrounds and experience, are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of speciality metals customers worldwide. We combine global reach with the ability to understand the particular unique requirements of each market, each culture and each individual customer. We take pride in our vigilant approach to export controls and ensure that each order is fully export compliant.

In 2009, in recognition of our commitment to export, as well as the speed and success in which the export business has grown, we were awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise in International Trade: the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a British company, a true sign of our commitment to offer a high quality export service! Currently exporting to over 45 countries and still growing.

Bystronic Byspeed Laser Cutter

Bystonic 4.0KW (Byspeed) Complete with Automatic Sheet Loading 6000 x 2500mm.

Metals UK Standard Laser Processing Tolerances:

Processes and Capacity

Here at Castle Metals UK we have more processing capacity under one roof than is currently available anywhere else in the UK.

This, coupled with our strength and bredth of inventory, makes Castle Metals UK a truly world-class option for all of our customers.

Supply Chain Management

Increased demand in customer requirements and greater competition have pushed the industry towards higher and higher levels of efficiency in an effort to meet customer needs and cut costs to a minimum.

The management of multi levels of suppliers with the flow and transformation of goods from raw material to end user can be complex and expensive, but also offers an opportunity to compress lead times, save on manufacturing costs and reduce procurement activity.

Castle Metals UK recognises that the ability to manage complex supply chains is essential in order to provide the level of service expected by our customers. Successful Supply Chain Management will reduce costs of both clients and suppliers, while improving added value and margins.

We have a track record of success in this field and can offer servcies covering, but not limited to:

Heat Treatment
•Bending and Folding


Internationally recognised standards of quality assurance are vital to any business that supplies industries such as oil and gas, chemical manufacture, nuclear & aerospace.

Commitment to world-class quality right through the supply chain is at the heart of everything we do.

Our processes are reviewed on an ongoing basis both internally by our quality team and externally by the relevant governing bodies.


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