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Suppliers of Castors, Furniture Glides, Adjustable Feet, Tube Ends, Ferrules & Hand Wheels for Commercial & Domestic Application and to the Education, Medical and Engineering Industry. We offer a range of sizes, shapes and colours to suit our customer’s needs. From 22p inserts to our top of the range conductive castors pricing at £12.59 , OUR focus is YOU. We pride ourselves in giving the best customer service so don’t hesitate to contact us for any advice or help you may require.

As a team we have 14 years’ worth of experience and knowledge on all of our products. What makes us the best? Our prices are so competitive that it’s hard to beat to us and all our products are manufactured in the UK,  to the best quality and to the highest standard. Our payment choices are flexible for both online and telephone options. We try our best to match your requirements, but if we can’t we have a well-established link with the manufacturing industry and contacts across many component suppliers so we are happy to help any customers with enquiries that come our way!

Castor Products

At Castors Unlimited we specialise in supplying a huge variety of Castor Products. We have Nylon Castors, Rubber Tyred Castors, Soft Tyre Castors, Braked Castors or Unbraked Castors, Brake Loaded Castors and Brake Unloaded Castors. We also have a range of Premium castors. All of our products are suitable for bulk order for new projects or individually for replacement purposes. We also have huge selection of industrial products including; Tube End... Fittings, Adjustable Feet and Hand Wheels in stock.

All of our Adjusters and levelling feet are UK manufactured and we have a massive range of Rigid, Hexagonal , Tilt, Non- Tilt, Heavy Duty, Conveyor Adjusters all at competitive prices! Our adjusters come in a variety of thread sizes including, M6 , M8 , M10 , M12 and even M16. We supply out products to all types of business industries including event companies, commercial factories , offices, building and scaffolding companies, steel fabricators , education sites, leisure and conferencing, furniture manufacturers and suppliers, shop fitters and display manufacturers. We offer schools a 10% discount on all chair feet – Click this link here to view:

Below is a list of all the products that we currently sell, every month we are expanding our product list and adding in new products.

• Baseboard Adjusters
• Rigid Adjustable Feet
• Heavy Duty/Hexagonal/ Non-Tilt /Adjustable Feet
• Tilt Adjusters
• Nuts and Brackets for Adjustable Feet
• 30mm Castors up to 125mm Castors
• Castor Fixings and Ancillaries
• Tube Ends in a range of sizes and shapes
• Ferrules in a range of sizes and shapes
• Threaded or Plain Inserts
• School Chair Feet
• Male Handwheels
• Threaded Insert Nuts
• Brackets
• Connector Bolts


Castor Products


Here at Castors Unlimited we try to offer the widest range of products we can, our adjusters are a huge hit with many domestic companies or customers that are using them for replacement purposes, either way we try our best to meet YOUR requirements. The list below is all of our current selling adjusters.

Baseboard Adjusters
Rigid Adjustable Feet -
Heavy Duty Adjustable Feet -
Hexagonal Adjustable Feet -
Non- Tilt Adjustable Feet -
Tilt Adjusters -
M6 Adjustable Feet -
M8 Adjustable Feet -
M10 Adjustable Feet -
M12 Adjustable Feet -
M16 Adjustable Feet -


About Us

We are suppliers to Schools , Hotels , Conference Centres , Metal Fabrications , Scaffolding Companies and Retail and Domestic projects.

We pride ourselves in giving 110% to our customer service, so if you cannot find what you are looking for don’t hesitate to email us on the above email address or call us. We even have an enquiry page on our website so feel free to browse and if you cannot find the product you’re searching for, submit an enquiry!

Our extensive range of product means that we can service to your individual requirements. As an online retail business we also try to stay ahead of the competition and are always giving our customers the best possible price. We try our hardest to deliver our products quickly and efficiently with reliable customer service that will have you recommending us to all your family and friends. Once you’ve used us once, you’ll want to use us again.

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