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Cat Pumps manufacture and supply high pressure pumps for Cleaning Systems, Car Wash, Water Purification & Desalination by Reverse Osmosis, Chemical Processes, Machine Tool Coolant and other applications that require a reliable source of high-pressure liquid.

Performance Range:
7 to 480 bar pressure
0.1 to 285 litres/minute flow.
Higher flows & pressures to order.

Cat Pumps is widely recognised as the premium brand of triplex plunger and piston positive-displacement pumps. With an unequalled reputation for quality and service, Cat pumps are regularly specified by engineers, designers, process technicians and maintenance managers who rely on them for optimum reliability, minimal down-time and excellent support. Extensive stocks are held within the UK and orders for pumps, spares & accessories are dispatched same-day.

Pressure Cleaning

One of the most effective methods of removing dirt, cooking deposits, adhesive labels, oils, fats, paints and residues in process vessels, tanks containers and filter presses is by high-pressure jetting. Using a Cat high-pressure pump, cold or hot water, detergents, solvents and reagents can be sprayed at high velocity, utilising the impact energy at the surface to dislodge and then rinse away liquid and solid material. Small mobile units, or permanent installations in larger premises, can feed one or more fixed or rotating spray nozzles or hand-held lances to remove material from small inaccessible crevices, complex shapes and large surface areas. Where larger flow rates are required at high pressure, multiple pumps are often installed. This can minimise energy consumption and offers flexibility to accommodate scheduled maintenance programmes and changes in demand. Typical pressure cleaning duties also include sewer and drain cleaning, de-scaling of hot-rolled steel, concrete surface cleaning, grease and sludge removal.

Vehicle Washing

Pressure cleaning of cars, trucks, busses, trains and special-purpose vehicles demands a reliable high-pressure pump to maximise productivity and minimise downtime. A static jet-washing system based around a Cat Pump will remove traffic film, dirt and mud leaving vehicles clean, and sign writing smart and legible. Flexible mobile or fixed installations take care of hire plant and construction machinery maintenance as well as under-chassis cleaning. Road tankers, ISO-tanks and IBCs can be cleaned effectively both inside and out with the optimum combination of high pressure, targeted flow, temperature and chemical additives.

Seawater Desalination

In order to produce drinking water from seawater using RO membrane technology, osmotic pressures in the range of 20 to 80 bar are required. Cat Pumps are widely used as raw seawater pumps feeding small to medium sized Seawater Reverse Osmosis desalination systems having fresh-water outputs from just a few litres up to 500 tonnes per day, and more if multiple pumps are banked together. Ideally suited to systems on vessels, oil platforms, island developments and in remote areas, Cat Pumps offer exceptionally high energy efficiency combined with dependable, controllable flow rate and excellent corrosion resistance even at salinities of 50,000 t.d.s. and beyond. Cat Pumps have developed an extensive line of 316SS and Duplex SS pumps exclusively for the seawater reverse osmosis desalination market. Cat Pumps unique design and high quality materials offer compatibility, dependability and energy efficiency. Our pumps offer high efficiency without the need for an energy recovery system. Many of our pumps operate for 10,000 hours or more before seal replacement is required, which means our pumps are running continuously for long periods of time and meeting your fresh water demands.

Liquid CO2

Increased interest in Liquid Carbon Dioxide as a versatile process fluid and an environmentally acceptable alternative to more harmful chemicals has led to new and innovative applications for high-pressure pumps. As there are no hard friction surfaces within the pump head, a Cat pump can be used with liquids that have little or no inherent lubricity, including liquefied gasses. Capable of withstanding the high pressures necessary to maintain the incoming feed in its liquid state, and able to the transfer or further pressurise the fluid, Cat Pumps can be found in:
• Industrial-scale refrigeration plant
• Extracts and essential oils production by lipid extraction
CO2 transfer, tank and container filling
• Synthetic foam manufacture

Hydrostatics & Hydraulics

High-pressure liquid can be used in numerous industrial applications as a power source for:
Hydrostatic pressure testing for structural integrity
• Leak testing of pipes, hoses and vessels
• Hydro-forming of malleable metals
• Water hydraulics as a safer alternative to oil
• Flushing small-bore lines

Process Industry

Cat pumps are also widely used in diverse process applications such as:
• Homogenising liquids and suspensions
• Viscous fluid transfer e.g. oils, fats, skin creams, polymers
• Pharmaceutical processes at high temperature and pressure
• Cross-flow and in-line filtration and separation
• Tube presses
• Metering and dosing of chemicals, additives, dyes and more

Environmental Control

Maintaining a comfortable environment, not just in the workplace and public places but also wherever animals are bred, housed and exercised, is fast growing in importance. High-pressure water sprays can be used to suppress dust, control odour and humidity, as well as providing inexpensive yet effective air-cooling by evaporation where drilling and construction work is taking place, in dusty industrial processes, on farms and in public open spaces. High-pressure mist injection will also increase the output from a gas turbine by cooling the intake air. Click here for more information on mist cooling.

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