Catalogue Engineering Ltd


Catalogue Engineering Ltd install all types of geomembrane from HDPE/LLDPE to Eveloy rich PVC liners, geosynthetic membranes/technologies.

We supply and install underground tanks and rainwater harvesting systems larger than 200,000ltrs to commercial/domestic markets. Services including excavations are: gas/contamination barriers, waste water lagoons, large irrigation lagoons, balancing ponds, water features, underground water attenuation tanks, rainwater harvesting systems, water engineering, landfill cells and caps and ultra thin temporary caps. Roof water, excess surface water and sustainable drainage solutions. Rainfall recycling, flash flooding and contaminated ground development.

Catalogue Engineering specialise in bespoke welded geomembrane structures to harvest and utilise the rain water that falls on your building and hard standing.

It is mandatory to have storm water attenuation for buildings over 2000 m2 with tax advantages to businesses having rainwater harvesting equipment fitted. Our systems are ideal for:

  • School Installations
  • Warehouses
  • Office buildings
  • Supermarkets


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