Catering Consultancy Bureau Ltd


How our service works

We work with our clients to create catering solutions for new and existing facilities, for both outsourced and in house operations and our team consists of industry professionals with decades of hands-on experience.

Here are just some of our services

• Benchmarking
• Auditing
• Tender management
• Options appraisals
• Subsidy reducing strategies
• Catering health checks

A unique and trusted knowledge of our industry

Our team delivers practical, flexible solutions for our clients across all sectors including business and industry, local authorities, colleges, NHS trusts and commercial organisations; sometimes saving them thousands of pounds and helping them to achieve sustainable improvements in quality.

We can introduce our clients to options they may not have considered and our fees are nearly always offset by the savings we bring to them. We also guarantee that any additional savings on services and products are ALWAYS passed on to our clients.


Can we help?