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We are a Dorset based company specialising in abrasive (sand,bead shot) blasting systems not to mention bespoke or standard range of degreasing machines. We ship nationally to all parts of the UK & abroad, two machines recently were shipped to Nigeria & two to Portugal. Contact us for all your shot blasting machinery and equipment needs.

A Wide Range of Products

If you wish to install your own blast room or just need a small blast cabinet we pride ourselves in manufacturing high quality & cost effective products. If you are working to a tight budget why not ask about one of our used machines.

Manufacture, Distribute and Specialise In

We manufacture, distribute and specialise in:

  • Shotblasting equipment
  • Shot blasting services
  • Shotblasting machinery
  • Degreasing machines
  • Components / parts wash
  • Blast cabinets
  • Conveyor blast systems
  • Tumble blast machinery
  • Portable blast pots
  • Blast rooms
  • Dust extraction systems
  • Compressors
  • Recover floors
  • Spray washers
  • Screw washers
  • Conveyored wash plant
  • Bespoke PLC wash systems
  • Dunk tanks
  • Pre treatment machinery
  • Ovens
  • Dryers & detergents

For quality advice & a first class service please contact us on the above details.

Suction Cabinets New & Used

  • VIXEN Jetair Automatic Air Tumbler
  • AB850L Suction Cabinet
  • AB1000L Suction Cabinet
  • AB1000 Industrial Suction Cabinet
  • AB1250 Industrial Suction Cabinet
  • AB2000 Industrial Suction Cabinet

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Pressure Cabinets New & Used

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  • Hydrovane 43 Rotary Vane compressor 7.5kw 3 phase
  • Hydrovane 60 Rotary Vane compressor 10kw 3 phase
  • Hydrovane model 178 Rotary Vane Compressor 30 kW 3 phase

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Shot Blast Pressure Pots

  • CM MODENA 1.4m Table machine
  • Shotblast pressure pot
  • ABCO shot bast pressure pot
  • New large shotblast pot 24inch

For more information on Shot Blast Pressure Pots

Shot Blasting Machines

  • TILGHMAN Delta 85 shotblasting machine
  • TILGHMAN WTBO shotblaster
  • TILGHMAN T85 shotblaster
  • TILGHMAN T170 shotblaster
  • TILGHMAN 1m shotblaster

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Dust Extractors

  • Air blast dust extractor 3 Phase
  • Vixen dust extractor single phase
  • P&J dust extractor 0.75kw
  • Letrostatic metal debris filter extractor
  • FILTEX FX30 0.75kw 3 Phase
  • DCE UMA 152 G5 415v
  • DCS IIE as 4kw 3 phase
  • FILTEX FX 250 large extractor 5kw 3 phase

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CBI Equipment Ltd

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