CBM-Logix Ltd


Core Business

  • Technical Training
  • Microsoft Excel Solutions
  • PLC Automation

Microsoft Excel Solutions


Single, standalone Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
Full Management Information Systems gathering data from “Shop Floor to Top Floor” with extensive use of VBA Macros.

Too small? - No Too Big? - No 

Professional data storage needs?… Talk to us

Your ideas - Our Solutions

PLC Automation
Experienced automation engineers Spanning............
    • Siemens
    • Allen Bradley
    • Mitsubishi


    • Line Balancing Control
    • HMI development
    • SCADA installatio
    • PLC software faultfinding
    • PLC software version control

Company History

  • CBM-Logix Ltd founded 2004
  • Cumulative Food and Beverage industry knowledge 17+ years
  Our Location  
  • UK registered
  • Italian HQ
  • Ergonomic EU wide access

Our Creed

  • Blue Chip companies deserve Blue Chip committment
  • High standard of workmanship
  • On time and within budget

Our Goal

  • What you want
  • When you want it
  • Unparalled service

A few questions first...

  1. How many times does a customer complain to you about the documentation that you send to them? 
  2. How many times have you heard from your customers.."That's not right, it should be this"?
  3. How many extra hours work does your company have to do to satisfy your customers’ needs with the documentation?

We offer a high quality technical translation service with that bit extra. To ensure that YOUR customer is satisfied with the translated documentation, after the initial translation, we can send to YOUR customer one of our Technical Translators to get the exact colloquial meaning of machine names etc, thus ensuring there are no misunderstandings.

Pushing the Boundaries

 "Holistic Solutions require far sighted thinking"
.........If you need it, and cannot find it please ASK


Technical Training
Experienced trainer wide scoping fields of operation; from machine to management systems
Diverse “On-Site” training scoping:
  •  Operational training on new palletisers
  •  MI systems operation and administration functions
  •  PLC software programming.

Also Class RoomHands-On
We supply:

  •  training aids
  •  multimedia projector
  •  documentationor

'Off Site' as required

"We are Trained to Train your Training needs"


Technical Translation Service

Currently we can translate between the following languages: English, Italian & Romanian (any combination)

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