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Computer Communications Limited CCL has been supplying hardware, software and security solutions since 1973.

The companies main focus was messaging software but has now changed its product range to include Dell, IBM, HP and Sun Servers and Storage, IT Hardware Maintenance and IT Security solutions.

A complete range of the servers we offer can be found by visiting our web site uk or clicking through to refurbished servers.

in addition to Dell, HP, Sun, EMC and IBM Storage, we also provide spare parts and upgrades for the following:

  • Dell Servers
  • HP Servers
  • IBM servers
  • SUN servers
  • EMC storage

There are many benefits associated with the purchase of refurbished Dell and EMC Storage, Cisco Switches and Routers ranging from cheaper cost, immediate availability, Warranty and Maintenance.

Hardware Maintenance

Our hardware maintenance service has a wealth of highlights that range from our specialist technical support to guide you to a speedy solution to our comprehensive stock range that provide you with the items you require at a fast delivery rate.

 We provide hardware maintenance support for a multitude of applications including:

  • HP ProLiant Servers
  • Sun Servers
  • IBM xSeries and pSeries Servers
  • Dell PowerEdge Servers
  • HP Integrity/9000 Servers
  • EMC Clarion CX3/CX4/CX300/CX400/CX500/CX600/CX700
  • HP StorageWorks NAS and Disk Arrays
Hardware Maintenance

Barracuda Anti Spam

The Barracuda anti-spam firewall series is a very highly trusted and popular spam blocker for various small and larger networks. Barracuda anti-spam will enable you to take full control of your e-mail screening to protect your e-mail users and company network against viruses, trojans and DNS attacks from spam groups.

Benefits include:

  • Highly scalable system
  • No user based pricing
  • No software to install
  • Independent network device for spam-blocking
  • Suspect e-mails are quarantined
  • Automatic system updates
  • Multiple domains and severs
  • Logs and reports on email statistics

For more information, call 0844 873 2668 and request a 30 Day Trial

Barracuda Anti Spam

Web Filtering Service

The Barracuda web filtering service allows you to setup safe filtering rules by user that will screen access to Web sites that may be embarrassing to your company and female employees.

The solution offered is cloud-based content filtering which will maintain pace with all the modern day social networking applications such as Twitter and Facebook and protect users from undesirable downloading and viruses.

The Barracuda web filtering service has a wealth of benefits.

These include:

  • Easy to use
  • Simple to deploy
  • Advanced mail-ware protection
  • Real time consolidated reporting
  • Affordable
  • Detection and blocking of spyware activity
  • Intergrated spyware and virus protection

Our website is a showcase to the many more advantages of the Barracuda web filter in addition to information on Internet filters.

Web Filtering Service

Server Virtualisation Security

We can assist and supply ultimate server virtualisation security solutions now that more challenges come into light as virtualisation grows. There are a number of risks associated with the virtual environment including host to guest compromise and vice versa.

The features and benefits of server virtualisation security include:

  • Assesses your virtual infrastructure in minutes
  • Identifies key security risks
  • Obtain immediate and detailed remediation guidance
  • Full reporting for auditing and compliance requirements
  • Graphical security dashboard of your virtual environment
  • Out of the box policy templates based on industry security benchmarks
  • Provides business meaning for your virtual machines
  • Visual storage maps enable identification of potential data security issues
Server Virtualisation Security

E-mail Archiving

E-mail archiving enables you to index and preserve all e-mails effectively to enhance your computer systems operation performance and provide an organised and easy solution to e-mail build-ups.

The powerful Barracuda message archiver is a prime example of e-mail archiving software and has many advantages:

  • Comprehensive archiving
  • Search and retrieval
  • Policy management
  • Intelligent storage manager
  • Roles-based interface
  • Reporting and statistics
E-mail Archiving

Barracuda Backup

Barracuda Backup removes the complexity of data backup by combining a plug-and-play appliance for onsite backups with cloud storage or private cloud disc-based replication to quickly and securely store data in multiple locations off-site.

The traditional method of Tape Backup is old, tedious and time consuming.

To request a 30 Day free trial, please visit

Barracuda Backup
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