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Here at CCS Technology, we specialise in the design and manufacture of PLC control systems. Our high performance and accuracy PLC control systems are usually modular constructions with dedicated modules for specific tasks. We supply custom built PLC systems to meet your specifications. By integrating motion control modules into PLC racks, this ensures good, effective axis positioning solutions provided complex motion profiles and interpolation is not required.

Energy Saving Injection Moulding

We design and install innovative energy saving injection moulding systems for retrofit to injection moulding machines. Our SyncroSpeed energy saving injection moulding system is the biggest energy saver in the moulding industry. It has been designed to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, reduce emissions, and improve green credentials.

Electrical Control Panels

Since 1988, we have been providing specialist electrical control panels. We produce high quality designs, software and manufacture electrical control panels for industrial machinery. We have continued steady growth and have built a team of professional electrical and software engineers who focus on control systems for industrial applications.

Energy Reduced Moulding

To produce energy reduced moulding we have introduced a retrofit system to regulate motor speeds and save energy. Our innovative energy reduced moulding is one of the most important energy-saving investment a molder can make. We will discuss with you how much energy saving can be expected, what will be the costs, which systems work well and reliably, and which ones do not.

Electrical Design

We provide advanced electrical design using your brief of the machine and an outline of the functional aspects of its operation. We will initially produce a functional design specification, detailing the main operational aspects of the equipment and any special functions that may be required. We will produce a complete set of electrical schematic diagrams using the latest CAD facilities. The electrical design documentation will include schematics diagrams, control panel layouts, list of component parts, terminal layouts and cable core allocations.

Software Design

We start software design with a detailed description of the operation of the machine. We produce flow diagrams to detail and document the sequences and functions of the machine. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to provide coding procedures and software designed and written by our own engineers. We ensure our software design can be assured and the equipment maybe properly supported in the future.

We provide PLC, CNC, DCS and motion control software engineering VB, .NET, C and other high level programming services.

Control Panel Assembly

We have an in-house control panel assembly workshop for the assembly and test of control systems and small machinery. We have a fantastic team of fully trained and experienced electricians who specialise in control panel assembly. They produce high quality cable looming and ensure all control panels are fully tested prior to dispatch. Our control panels are built to the highest standards and are fully compliant with relevant British and European standards and directives.

Installation and Commissioning

We provide first-class installation and commissioning when your machine or system is ready to be wired and connected to the control panel. Our skilled electricians provide on-site installation and commissioning and all our personnel are happy to work both overseas and throughout the United Kingdom. After installation our electricians will power up and test the control circuits, power supplies and test the inputs and outputs to the control system. We also provide control system training and final documentation.


We provide refurbishment of old machines to ensure machines are reliable and maintained. We also offer replacement of ageing, obsolete and hard to maintain equipment. Our refurbishment services are designed to:

  • Resolve production uncertainties
  • Improve machine efficiency
  • Reduce production loss
  • Upgrade and refine
  • Help understand problem areas and provide solutions

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