We provide restoration coatings for ceilings for a quick and cost-effective solution to a brand new look. We offer unrivaled restoration coatings for ceilings for a range of ceilings including metal and mineral fibre suspended ceilings.

We were established in 1989 and now have a wealth of vital experience enabling us to offer our customers the highest quality, unique and environmentally friendly methods of ceiling coating.

The products we use in restoration coatings for ceilings are all manufactured to British Standards and our services are available throughout Europe and we offer services such as survey and product demonstration.

Ceiling Cleaning

Ceiling cleaning is a widely used term encompassing a variety of ceiling cleaning methods. The methods we offer include chemical cleaning followed by a spray application to give a consistent finish.

We also offer ceiling cleaning for metal ceilings where care must be given not to let the cleaner seep through any perforations. Metal ceilings are nonporous and can absorb stains. When this happens you have to clean the metal and sprayed with SteelCoat.

Our various ceiling cleaning applications have been relied upon by a diversity of surveyors and architects for the last 20 years and we have a reputation for achieving consistent and quality ceiling cleaning.

Ceiling Restoration

Our ceiling restoration process consists of an airless spray. It was uniquely development for suspended ceiling restoration but can be applied to any ceiling surface. They are acoustically balanced and have a class O fire rating. They are environmentally friendly and water based.

We advise commercial and retail properties to retain their ceilings to a high standard and have them sprayed to increase their longevity and safety.

Our ceiling restoration coatings kill bacteria and are ideal for use in hospitals, schools and food industry sectors.

Cladding Cleaning

We offer cladding cleaning for the exterior of commercial and retail buildings. They are often constructed from steel or aluminium panels that can be cleaned and restored.

Cladding cleaning prevents corrosion and discolouration. Without regular cleaning, you could end up losing a lot of money when recladding becomes the only remedy. The advantages of cladding cleaning are agents delivered at low pressures and physical agitation processes that yield superb results in a safe manner with the minimal of disruption.

Electrostatic Spraying

We offer electrostatic spraying that offers a high quality finish that uses a charge applied to the paint to increase its adhesive quality and can be used to restore metal window frames, furniture and balustrades.

Electrostatic spraying is also popular in the automotive sector. The spraying process gives a much better application and considerably reduces its environmental impact.

Spray Painting UK

Spray painting UK has been a part of our specialist service since 1989. Our spray painting UK is undertaken by skilled professionals where no job is too big or too small. We provide a free, no obligation quotation service.

Spray paint UK specialise in retail and commercial spraying for shop fronts, lift doors, cladding, ceilings, and walls. Spray painting results in a clean, smooth surface finish and can be applied in an extensive range of colours.

Electrostatic Spray Painting

We also specialise in electrostatic spray painting. It is suited to decrease overspray and waste and creates a very uniform finish even on edges and angles.

Electrostatic spray painting is ideal for the automotive sector and car manufacturers use electrostatic spray painting to create a range of unique results.

Lift Door Spraying

We offer lift door spraying usually done out of working hours for the client and uses a water-based coating to reduce fumes and come in a variety of colours.

Our lift door spraying services also include sanding, masking and priming and can be applied internally to the lift as well.

Specialist Paint Sprayers

Our specialist paint sprayers offer a superb range of spray painting finishes for a range of structures. Our specialist paint sprayers can undertake work such as repairs and colour changes to shop fronts and windows.

We can also offer specialist paint spraying for exterior cladding, MDF panels, radiators and heater grilles.

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