Ceimig Ltd

Ceimig Ltd, established 2005, is a new Scottish chemical company with specialist precious metal synthesis capability at the kilo scale. Our range of precious metal co-ordination, organo-metallic and inorganic compounds are manufactured to the highest standards and customer integrity is at the core of our business philosophy.

Ceimigs’ synthetic strategies are developed in partnership with our client’s technology requirements, GMP criteria and scale-up capability in mind. Ceimig acknowledges clients IP requirements and client confidentiality is core to our business philosophy. Our highly experienced and internationally acknowledged synthetic chemists offer client support in application of the specialist chemistries.

Ceimig also offers client confidentiality in synthesis for the client’s patented materials.

Ceimig partners with major global medical care companies delivering the chemistry for medical assays. Hence, chemistries to deliver biosensor capability is one of Ceimig’s specialist business areas. Ceimig also has worldwide patent granted status for its solvent free metal deposition technology. This technology offers high technology capability to the printed electronics (ink jet), microelectronics, MEMS, nanotechnologies, and gas sensor industries.
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