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Cellecta manufacturer sound proof flooring insulation suitable for a wide variety of timber, concrete and steel floors. Our sound proof flooring insulation can be used in homes, commercial buildings, new builds and refurbishment to meet part E Building regulation requirements.

New Build Acoustic Insulation

Cellecta, we specialise in the manufacture of an impressive range of new build acoustic insulation solutions. Our new build acoustic insulation provides sound proofing solutions for floor and wall constructions including:

  • Concrete
  • Timber and steel floors
  • Masonry
  • Timber stud
  • Metal frame walls

Sound proofing products for new build developments Cellecta range include acoustic battens, dry screed boards, overlay mats, soft floor coverings, under screed acoustic layers and high performance wall lining systems.

Sound Proofing Refurbishment Insulation

Cellecta manufacturer a wide range of sound proofing solutions specifically for refurbishment and conversion projects to help comply with part E of the building regulations. Whether the occupant is suffering from noisy neighbours or requires a complete property conversion Cellecta manufacture floor and wall solutions that will help solve these problems.

Refurbishment floor and wall acoustic insulation

Solutions include acoustic overlay boards, dry screed boards, acoustic flanking strips, wall lining systems and overlay mats

Thermal Floor Insulation

Cellecta supply a diverse range of long life thermal floor insulation boards for a variety of floor applications. Our domestic, commercial and industrial thermal floor insulation products are manufactured from high compressive strength, closed-cell, extruded polystyrene making them ideal for a multitude of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Available in a multitude of thickness' and grades (compressive strength) Cellecta insulation boards deliver excellent thermal performance.

Swimming Pool Insulation

Cellecta's high performance  swimming pool insulation is the ideal way to insulate your swimming pool. Featuring extremely high water resistance, high compressive strength suitable for withstanding heavy loads and excellent thermal performance Cellecta swimming pool insulation boards deliver excellent performance. Cellecta's XPOOL boards are available in various thickness' to suit specific applications and are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Eco-friendly beam and block flooring

Cellecta manufacturer TETRiS the revolutionary beam and block floor alternative to traditional beam and concrete block structural floors. They system provide a highly efficient, high thermal performance, super strong strong structural floor.

Product benefits include:

• High thermal performance: U-values as low as 0.11 W/m2K achievable
• A+ Green Guide rated system
• Quicker and easier to install than traditional beam and block floor systems
• Produces a floor with zero cold bridges
• CSH Pol 1 compliant TETRiS ECO option available
• 100% Recyclable
• Work with all types and sizes of pre-stressed concrete floor beams
• Can be easily integrated with an underfloor heating system

For more information on this revolutionary system click here

Soundproofing Products

Cellecta specialise in soundproofing products for a multitude of floor and wall applications. The soundproofing products have been tested and installed in 1,000's of apartments throughout the UK on various prestigious projects. Whatever your soundproofing requirements Cellecta offer technical support and guidance to back up an extensive range of soundproofing products.

Acoustic Insulation

Cellecta specialise in Acoustic insulation solutions for floors and walls. All products and systems have been rigorously tested to meet and exceed part E (sound) regulations to optimise the living and working conditions for occupants. Cellecta's acoustic insulation range is supported by a team of expert technical staff that offer help and guidance on hand to identify the appropriate soundproofing solution to meet the requirements of your project.

Thermal Roof Insulation

HEXATHERM is a proven range of thermal insulation boards engineered for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, featuring BM TRADA Q Mark certification. Benefits of the range include high compressive strength, low water absorption and excellent life-long thermal performance, making them ideal for a multitude of applications.  Unlike conventional warm and cold roof constructions, HEXATHERM inverted flat roof insulation protects the waterproof membrane from a number of stresses; freeze-thaw action, solar radiation, damage caused by interstitial condensation, ultra-violet degradation and mechanical damage caused by foot traffic during construction maintenance. Consequently, the life expectancy of the membrane is greatly increased.

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