CEMB Hofmann UK Ltd

CEMB Hofmann UK supplies sales and service support for industrial balancing machines manufactured by CEMB S.p.A. and Hofmann Maschinen und Anlagenbau GmbH. In addition the company has contract balancing facilities, machine upgrade solutions and a range of calibration and site services for balancing and vibration applications, including:
  • Dynamic Horizontal Balancing Machines from 1g to 100,000 Kg
  • Vertical Static and Dynamic Balancing Machines from 50g to 3,000 Kg
  • Tool Balancing
  • Portable Balancing Equipment
  • Vibration Monitoring Systems
  • Contract Balancing
  • Prototype and Development Solutions
  • Site Balancing

Dynamic Balancing

Fast and accurate horizontal axis hard bearing dynamic balancing machines suitable for measuring static and dynamic unbalance and suitable for rotors that weigh from 1g to 100 tonnes.

Improve the service life, quality and accuracy of your machinery by addressing unbalanced parts promptly and with the most up to date, high precision dynamic balancing machines on the market.

Static Balancing

Vertical axis hard bearing balancing machines suitable for measuring static and dynamic unbalance.
Balancing machines available for rotors that weigh from 50g to 5 tonnes with manual and automatic correction systems as required.

Wheel and Tyre Balancing

Automatic wheel assembly for passenger car wheels.

If you are interested in outsourcing your balancing requirement then why not discover more about our renowned sub contract dynamic balancing service which can save you both time and money as well as ensuring that your machinery is in the hands of the leading balancing expert in the UK.

Portable Equipment

For engineering companies and maintenance personnel who need a compact and ergonomic balancer and vibration analyzer with two independant measuring channels. Data can be transferred to a pc via usb. Designed for measurement of vibrations, fft analysis & balancing in 1/2 planes under service conditions.


Vibration Monitoring

Offering a range of Vibration Monitoring - Machines, Transducers, Transmitters and monitoring equipment.

Contract Balancing

CEMB Hofmann UK offers a comprehensive service to customers who have parts that need to be balanced.

Rotors are balanced and certified using modern equipment in a workshop specifically used for contract balancing and according to ISO, API or your preferred standard.

Balancing Services

If you have a balancing machine and need to certify the accuracy according to ISO standards for audit, production or customer satisfaction, CEMB Hofmann UK can help. A comprehensive report that identifies maintenance requirements and identifies wearing parts is offered together with a machine calibration service, improving quality and increasing productivity.

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