Cenelec Standards Inspections Ltd


Cenelec Standards Inspections Ltd are a specialist private Limited Company offering niche Hazardous Area services for companies looking to comply with legal mandatory requirements for potentially explosive atmospheres.

With thorough research, quality control, and investment in the most sophisticated equipment, Cenelec Standards Inspections Ltd take the guesswork out of Hazardous Area Inspection and Maintenance activities.

Electrical Inspection and Maintenance

Cenelec Standards Inspections Ltd specialise in Electrical and Instrument Hazardous Area Inspection & Maintenance for clients requiring support to comply with the mandatory Requirements of BS EN 60079-17, DSEAR (Dangerous Substances in Explosive Atmospheres Regulations), The Equipment Directive ATEX 94/9/EC and the workers Directive ATEX 99/92/EC.

Utilising Cenelec ‘s bespoke software application on ATEX certified PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) devices, our field personnel capture extensive Inspection Data and Maintenance requirements in line with ‘Close’, ‘Visual’ and ‘Detailed’ grades of Inspection supported by the clients Hazardous Area Classification drawings.

Electrical Inspection and Maintenance

Drilling Rig Assessments

Cenelec Standards Inspections can offer a complete package of ‘Due Diligence’ auditing to support your compliance requirements around the globe.

CSI have demonstrated expedited ‘spud’ dates through pro-active verification processes.

Verification Areas Covered:

  • Global E&I Compliance to IEC, API, ATEX, GOST, AS/NZS NEC/CEC and many more.
  • Verification of Rig Condition with support packages
  • Mechanical and Instrumentation Compliance to global standards.
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