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At Cenpart Ltd, we specialise in providing protective crash barriers and offer a full installation service. We supply Armco-type crash barriers, the most widely used crash barriers. They are frequently seen on motorways, around private building and carparks, and alongside private roads.

Crash Barrier Systems

Our crash barrier systems meet full European approvals and can be easily fitted by a maintenance crew using basic tools.

We supply Armco crash barrier systems in single row or multi row formats depending on your requirements in addition to a wide variety of post sizes.

Our range includes:

  • Security Items
  • Fencing and Gates
  • Access Controls
  • Handrails
  • Armco
  • Open Box
  • Acoustic Barriers
Crash Barrier Systems

Crash Barrier Protection

Crash barrier protection is a valued solution to safeguard your employees from moving vehicles such as forklifts, drop offs and potential fall sites. Armco Barriers, with or without integral hand rails, provide cost-effective crash barrier protection for your workforce.

Crash Barrier Protection

Cenpart Barrier Systems

Cenpart barrier systems are designed as economical solutions that prevent costly accidents in many environments. Easily fitted to separate people, buildings and vulnerable stock equipment or installations from moving vehicles, our barrier systems feature the following:

  • Readily available and easily replaced components
  • Low cost accident prevention
  • Satisfy insurers or H & S Executive
  • Colour coating in any colour (at extra cost)
  • Keep vehicles safe from falls and drop offs
  • Delineate boundaries and prevent unauthorised vehicle access
  • Removable socket mounted systems available
  • Double sided or double row (or more) systems
  • Heavy duty box beam for more demanding applications
  • Individually designed “specials” to overcome any problem areas
Cenpart Barrier Systems

Corner and Column Protection and Wheel Guides

For corner and column protection, our Guardian Corner Frames are available in a range of sizes to be cast in or bolted down. They can also be supplied galvanised only or in any RAL colour, single or striped.

Similarly our wheel guides come in a range of sizes that can also be cast in or bolted down. Our tubular wheel guides define the line a vehicle should follow and keep it centred to the bay.

Corner and Column Protection and Wheel Guides

Bollards and Parking Posts

Our standard design bollards and parking posts are available in a range of sizes and profiles to suit your requirements. Our extensive manufacturing facility also means we can work to your own bollard and parking post designs in mild or stainless steel.

We offer:

  • A Security range
  • Collapsible parking posts
  • Economy manual telescopic parking posts
  • Removable parking posts
  • Galvanized steel static bollards
  • Anti ram raids
Bollards and Parking Posts
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