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Here at Central Compressor Consultants, we supply high pressure compressors for industrial applications, seismic exploration and breathing air supply. We are specialists in high pressure compressors and provide solutions for all gas and air applications up to 6500 psi. We cater for the hire of portable compressors to purpose-designed systems for applications such as offshore oil and gas prospecting.

Medium Pressure Compressors

We supply medium pressure compressors with vertical designs for easy access, installation and to save space. They have square cylinders to provide lager cooling area to aid heat dissipation.

Our medium pressure compressors have many features including:

  • High-efficiency cooling fan
  • Micronic filter to extend life on final stage Drainable inter-stage moisture trap
  • Corrosion-resistant coolers
  • Air purification system
  • Guarded belt drive
  • Safety valve on all stages
  • Final pressure gauge
  • Auto unloading system (BP20V/25V only)
  • Drainable interstage moisture traps (BP20V/25V only)

Low Pressure Compressors

Our low pressure compressors have high-efficiency cooling fans and safety valves as standard. We supply low pressure compressors with micronic filters to extend life on final stage drainable inter-stage moisture traps.

Breathing Air Compressors

Our comprehensive breathing air compressors are suitable for scuba diving or fire fighting with working pressures more than 5000 psig. We supply unrivaled breathing air compressors as individual breathing-air systems for building into your equipment or as a preassembled package.

Seismic Compressors

Our seismic compressors have been developed in close association with client companies to meet their specific requirements. We produce seismic compressors suitable for offshore use with a choice of engine or electric drive and outputs to suit your demands.  

Oil Free Compressors

We supply and service oil free compressors suitable for use in environments where high quality air is essential. Our oil free compressors consist of cost-effective twin, single or four cylinder compressors with carbon rings within a chrome lined cylinder.

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