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Central Fans - Colasit Ltd was established in 1987 and over the last nineteen years has become the UK's largest specialist designer and manufacturer of Plastic Corrosion Resistant Fans and also has the most comprehensive range of centrifugal and bifurcated fans available in Europe. We also offer a free consulting service providing information and advice on the best choice of fan to meet your requirements.

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Centrifugal Fans

Our range of centrifugal fans cover volumes of up to 140,000 m3/hr with pressures up to 6,000 Pa. Special designs are also available for extreme operating conditions. These are capable of of producing pressures up to 12,000 Pa. and can handle temperatures up to 100 degrees C, depending on volume and pressure.

As noise generated by fans has to be kept to a minimum, we also design and manufacture plastic silencers in either circular or splitter types depending on the amount of attenuation required. We can also offer plastic acoustic enclosures and acoustic scrolls on most of our fan range to further reduce noise when required.

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Bifurcated Fans

The Bifurcated fan unit is an axial flow type fan which is fitted with a precision moulded impeller made from PPG (Glass reinforced Polypropylene) or PAG (Glass Reinforced Polymid) The blades are made of aerofoil section giving Non-overloading power characteristics.

All Bifurcated fans are fitted with flanged ends to facilitate ease of installation into ducting systems and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, the latter having a drain point.

The standard material for these fans is Black Embossed Polypropylene, but is also available in UPVC. A full range of extras is available including mounting feet, matching flanges, flexibles & AV mounts.

Atex Fans

Central Fans-Colasit Ltd fan units are supplied compliant to the requirements of ATEX group 11 category 2 or 3.

In accordance with the DTI URN 02/609 we have addressed the ATEX requirements and **risk assessed our equipment for ATEX group 11 category 2 and 3. This has given rise to our inclusion of a “Conductive Node” to comply with ANNEX C sub paragraph 1.3.2 “Hazards arising from static electricity”.

The equipment is clearly marked as the URN requirements and provided with the necessary documentation for both fan and motor.

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