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Here at Centrateq, we use our extensive industry experience to provide complete package testing systems . Whatever your requirements in the vibration test field, we will work with you to meet your individual requirements and budget. We have the flexibility to put together package testing systems from multiple suppliers to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective total package.

Our drop testers enables use to meet the needs of global markets with a model to suit a wide variety of products, facilities and budget constraints. Also check out our line of release hooks for drop testing those extra-extra large and heavy payloads.

Vibration Test Systems

We provide an assortment of closed loop vibration test systems to suit each individual application and budget. Our close
links with suppliers of innovative vibration test systems enable use to provide the best solution for your requirements. We provide everything from low cost, low channel controllers with one or two control modes through to high channel high power controllers with all control modes.

Replacement Amplifiers

We supply replacement amplifiers with a wide frequency band digital switching and designed with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Our replacement amplifiers have a variety of built-in features to allow simple vibration testing. Our MPA amplifier series has been developed for continuous operation with each configuration adaptable to any existing or new air-cooled or water cooled electro-dynamic shaker.

Vibration Controllers

We ensure our vibration controllers are cost effective and flexible, so you will get 'added value' from your investment. Our vibration controllers are the most flexible control systems with the most effective upgrade path capability.

Second Hand Vibration Systems

We provide an impressive assortment of second hand vibration systems to suit your requirements. Our affordable second hand vibration systems include: 

  • Vibration shaker solutions - New and second user solutions
  • Amplifiers - Replace or upgrade your existing amplifier to improve shaker performance
  • Vibration controllers - Solutions with all control modes, low channel low cost to high channel
  • Slip tables
  • Head expanders
  • Fixture design and build
  • Full installation, service and maintenance
  • Test facilities - Over capacity, don't have your own facilities, we can provide full UKAS test facilities
  • Sensors - Whatever your sensor needs, accelerometers, force, torque, sound, displacement, velocity, pressure
  • Condition monitoring - Sensors, accessories and monitoring solutions for your preventative maintenance plans
  • Contact monitoring - High speed contact measurement for electrical testing during environmental testing

System Maintenance and Repair

We provide a variety of system maintenance and repair services to meet individual requirements. Our system maintenance and repair services include:

  • Preventative maintenance contracts
  • Emergency call outs
  • Repairs
  • Calibrations
  • Full spares facility
  • Armature rewinds
  • Replacement field coils
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