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Centriforce are the UKs largest, independent supplier of recycled plastic board, sheet and profiles. We transform waste plastic into an array of versatile end products to achieve a sustainable cycle.

Established over 30 years ago, Centriforce are behind some of the leading brands in the recycled plastics sector and benefit a range of markets like agriculture, equestrian, civil engineering, and sports and leisure.

We create our quality recycled products from waste plastic bottles, carrier bags, transportation packaging and anything else normally filling up a landfill site.

Underground Utility Protection

Our underground utility protection equipment provides a safe and visible way of protecting underground cables from excavation or potential third party digging.

Underground utility protection also offers protection against personal injury, accidental damage and a reduced risk of interruption during supply.

This protection solutions are maintenance free and manufactured in 100 percent recycled materials.

Underground Utility Protection

Recycled Plastic Walkways

We provide recycled plastic walkways for many leading organisations such as The National Trust, The Wildlife Trust and Natural England.

Recycled plastic walkways are produced in post-consumer, recycled HDPE because it is low cost and has a lifespan at four time's greater compared to traditional timbre.

The walkways benefit from being rot proof, will not leak chemicals into the surroundings, resilient to vandalism, and able to cope with a high volume of human traffic. 

Recycled Plastic Walkways

Recycled Plastic Hoardings

We partner with Darfen Fencing to provide recycled plastic hoardings produced for 100 percent recycled plastic material. It fulfils many requirements in the construction industry and provides an eco-friendly alternative to plywood.

Recycled plastic hoardings help organisations to reduce their carbon emissions and effect on the environment and provide substantial long term savings.

They are rot proof, durable and water resistant and can be used in both outdoors and indoors installations.

Recycled Plastic Hoardings


Manufactured exclusively for us, Stokbord®  is a durable and hard wearing board produced in 100 percent recycled plastic. It can be utilised, fabricated and welded for various agricultural applications.

Stokbord® can be used to produce:

  • Sheep and pig pens
  • Poultry housing
  • Cattle handling races
  • Sheeting gates
  • Feed trailer floors
  • Grain stores and bins
  • Lining troughs
  • Partition boards

The benefits of Stokbord® include a chew resistant, non toxic surface, resistance to chemicals and highly hygienic.


Profiles & Planks

Profiles and planks are manufactured to be environmental alternatives to traditional timbre. It consists of a range of benefits making it suited to a range of applications such as pontoons, signs, fences, and outdoor furniture.

Our profiles and planks are manufactured from 100 percent recycled high density polyethylene from milk bottles and plastic containers.

Recycled materials used for profiles and planks are entirely resistant to chemical leaking into soil or water and are less flammable than conventional construction materials.

Profiles & Planks

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