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We are an award winning Sage Business Partner located near Birmingham in the West Midlands. We offer the complete range of professional services, from the maintenance of existing systems right through to planning, implementing and supporting your new solution. We specialise in tailoring our services to suit the individual needs of every client, providing each customer with the optimum solution for their business.

Century's extensive experience has enabled us to develop our own, proven project management system. This guarantees that our clients take a full role in the planning stage of any project, and ensures that any solution is planned and delivered to meet your needs, your budget and your resources. As accredited resellers of some of the world's leading software houses our staff are trained to understand the range of cost effective options available to our clients. Our expertise enhances accounting, commercial, construction, manufacturing, retail, CRM, payroll and personnel solutions.

Accounting, Trading and Business Wide Solutions

Sage 50 Accounts Version 2011

Sage 50 is the UK's best-selling integrated accounting software for small to medium sized businesses. There are three core products within the range Accounts, Accounts Plus, Accounts Professional (previously known as Financial Controller). Each includes the three basic ledgers, complete VAT management and credit control.

Whether you are using software for smaller businesses such as Sage Instant Accounts or Sage Invoicing, or if you're using non-sage software, we're confident you can benefit from the award winning Sage 50 Account suite.
Accounting, Trading and Business Wide Solutions

Customer Relations and Contact Management

Sage ACT! 2011

Sage ACT! is the #1 selling Contact and Customer Manager designed to help small and growing businesses manage and engage with their customers, building long-lasting and profitable relationships.

Sage ACT! 2011 allows you to communicate consistently, gaining insight into the performance of your business using dashboards and reports for more informed decision-making. ACT! also easy integrates with common applications including Microsoft® Office, Lotus Notes®, Sage 50 Accounts and Sage Instant Accounts.   Sage ACT! 2011 is the best selling contact management solution – with more than 4 million users. This contact management system uses a user-friendly tool to manage your customer and contact information. By using predefined templates with the ability to customise and the ease of synchronisation, this software will quickly become an integral part of your company.
Customer Relations and Contact Management

Manufacturing Solutions

Introducing: Sage 200 Suite Version 2010

Sage 200 is an integrated, intuitive and flexible suite of software and services, giving one view of your business. Built on a platform of industry leading financial, CRM and business intelligence software Sage 200 enables you to streamline end to end business processes and empower you to make smarter business decisions with confidence.

Previously known as Sage MMS and Sage Line 100, the new Sage 200 Suite 2010 has evolved and improved over many years. Sage 200 Version 2010 (7.0) is Sage's latest mid-range business software solution, built on the .NET platform. It is a powerful accounts and trading solution with unrivalled usability and customisation capability.   Straightforward to implement and easy to learn, Sage 200 offers the ideal solution out of the box to many companies with complex business processes. Key information can be shared, utilised, and analysed to help you forge a clear competitive edge. Sage 200 is also an ideal upgrade path for many Sage Line 50 & Sage Line 100 users who are experiencing rapid growth.
Manufacturing Solutions

Payroll, Personnel and Human Resources

Sage 50 Payroll 2011

Sage Payroll is the best selling payroll software in the UK, and is currently used by thousands of companies to automate their payroll processing. One straightforward posting transfers your wages bill into Sage 200, MMS, Line 100 and Sage 50 accounts, instantly updating Profit and Loss.

Award-winning Sage payroll software is accredited by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and meets the latest legislation requirements for accurate calculations of Tax and National Insurance. It's easy to use and helps businesses pay the right people the right amount of money on the right day.   Sage 50 Payroll is ideal for small to growing businesses that need to manage the payroll for 1 to unlimited employees. It helps pay people quickly and accurately, automatically working out Tax, National Insurance, pensions and sick pay.
Payroll, Personnel and Human Resources

Credit Control and Cash Flow Solutions

Draycir Credit Hound

Cash flow is one of the most important aspects of a business. If there is not enough money in the bank because of poor credit control, even a profitable business can go bust. Credit control is all about managing your customers, and making sure you get paid on time.

Credit Hound is an award winning credit control solution for Sage 200, Sage MMS, Sage Line 100 and Sage 50. Credit Hound is a powerful yet easy to learn and simple to use credit control system that links into your Sage accounts.   Using Credit Hound, you will improve your cash flow by getting paid sooner and reduce your bad debts. The software seamlessly links to customer records from your accounts system and presents the information in a straightforward, easy to understand way. This means that you will never overlook another overdue account.
Credit Control and Cash Flow Solutions

Mobile Solutions - Apple iPad and iPhone

Sage Software on Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is becoming increasingly useful for business. It's high resolution, large mobile screen is ideal for work on the go and within busy office and warehouse environments. If you're looking for a truely mobile experience, LogMeIn Ignition for iPad provides rapid, easy access to any of your computers or servers.

You will see your computers screen on the iPad's screen and will be able to interact with it as if you were sitting at the PC. You can control the mouse and keyboard to access any program on your PC whilst on the go.   As LogMeIn displays the whole desktop, all Sage products are compatible. Imagine arriving at a client who asks how their order is progressing or asks for latest pricing. No longer do you have to call your office for help, simply tap LogMeIn, select your computer, log in to your Sage solution and impress your client or prospect with instant information at your fingertips.
Mobile Solutions - Apple iPad and iPhone

Sage Migration Specialists West Midlands

Sage Data Migration Specialists

Looking for a new solution but worried about your existing data? With over 10 years of experience our expert Sage data migration team will transform information from your old system, whether it be Quickbooks, SAP, Pegasus, AS400, Access, Microsoft, or even Excel spreadsheets into your new Sage solution. Access your historical sales and purchase orders, customer and supplier account history and notes, nominal ledger structure and transactions within your new solution. Dispense with the requirement to manually re-enter your data in to your new solution.   We recognise the importance of working with a local Sage Business Partner. We're based in Tipton in the heart of the West Midlands, situated close to Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Coventry and surrounding areas.

Networking and SQL Licences


Century will source hardware from a number of suppliers, to ensure "Best Fit" in regards to functionality and budget. This is a philosophy that allows us to make our customers best interests our priority and provide impartial, considered and innovative advice.

By providing comprehensive and realistic advice on the specification and sourcing of components, the design of interconnection systems and installation/commissioning, we can effectively release our customers from the extended burden of realising the initial stages of their IT objectives.


Your technology infrastructure and business solutions are inseparable. To ensure your business solutions operate at optimal levels, our existing clients must have a technology infrastructure foundation that is designed, configured and deployed properly.

Many companies rely on Century to help select, design, implement, and support their technology investments. Companies turn to us because of our proven expertise in installing critical business solutions, hardware and networks. We can help your business with the following aspects to make up a completed infrastructure. Including the following areas:
  • Cabling
  • Wireless
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Remote management

The overall performance of your business solutions is directly related to the hardware, servers and networks on which they are installed. To ensure we provide you with the correct IT equipment we firstly gain a thorough understanding of your specific needs and objectives. It is our in-depth knowledge of leading applications and technologies along with our intimate knowledge of your needs that enables us to optimise your business.


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