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CES Hire are specialists in Spray Plastering Machines supplying a variety of machines for a range of different jobs. Our plastering machines can save you time as tests have shown that the time it takes to plaster one wall can be cut in half with a plastering machine. Our plastering machines can also save you money and a whole load of manual labour when on site.

  1. Marshalltown Permaflex Trowels Now In Stock!
    28 April 2017

    Marshalltown's Permaflex trowel is a flexible plastering trowel ensuring a perfect finish every time. The high grade stainless steel blade is designed to flex for easier final smoothing and finishing of multi finish, skimming and board finish plasters.

    Order online for free delivery (links at the bottom of the page) or call 01494 715472. 

    To buy your MarshallTown Permaflex Trowel just click on the size you require!

    Permaflex 11" RRP £72.00 Our Price: £44.00 
    Permaflex 12" RRP £74.00 Our Price: £46.00 
    Permaflex 13" RRP £75.00 Our Price: £47.00 
    Permaflex 14" RRP £80.00 Our Price: £52.00 
    Permaflex 16" RRP £83.00 Our Price: £55.00 
    Permaflex 18" RRP £87.00 Our Price: £59.00 
    *All prices excluding VAT.

    Marshalltown Permaflex Trowels Now In Stock!
    21 April 2017

    Please be aware that CES Hire Ltd has had one of their Putzmeister PLL LMR machines stolen from a site in Barking (London) on Wednesday night (19/04/17) whilst on hire.

    The machine is a 2015 Putzmeister P11 LMR with serial number WPUP11LMRF4651041.

    If you are approached or offered this type of machine, please contact us immediately on 01494 715472.

    Thank you for your help. 

  3. Thank you for visiting us at the Concrete Show last week!
    1 March 2017

    We would like to say thank you to everyone who came and visited us on stand A6 at the UK Concrete Show last week. Please remember we are running our show prices until Tuesday 28th February 2017. Further information on each machine can be found by clicking the links below or by calling us on 01494 715472. 

    Thank you for visiting us at the Concrete Show last week!
  4. Getting the most out of your Rendering and Plastering Machine
    8 December 2016

    You have just bought a new or second hand Rendering and Plastering Machine and you’re ready to put it to work and start to earn you some money back. Before you start getting the machine spraying render or plaster it’s important to know a few tricks of the trade that we at CES Hire have picked up over the 30 plus years we have been hiring rendering and plastering machines…

    Daily Checks

    Spending 5 to 10 minutes carrying out checks on your Rendering and Plastering machine spray equipment before you begin your spray, is a great way to maintain the performance of your render or plaster spray machine. This short check in the morning can also help spot any faults there may be with your equipment. We recommend checking the below…

    Electric Rendering or Plastering Machines

    • Water feed – Are you getting a consistent supply of water with good pressure? Make sure you are the only person using that particular water supply and no one is going to turn you supply off. Using a water butt is a good way of getting a consistent feed.
    • Water filter – Make sure it is clear and allowing water to pass through.
    • On 3 Phase machines make sure your Phases are the right way round – If not the machine will run backwards and not pump.
    • Good Power source available? – Make sure you have a good consistent power source that is dedicated to your machine and will not trip out. If the power keeps dropping out you could end up damaging your machine and its components.

    Diesel Rendering or Plastering Machines

    • Oils – Check your Engine, hydraulic and compressor oil levels.
    • Fuel level – It sounds obvious but make sure your machine is full of diesel. If your machine has a full tank of diesel at the start of the day then it should remove the potential stress and hassle of running out halfway through a spray. Remember they are classed as plant machinery so using Red Diesel is fine.
    • Engine coolant level – If it runs out of coolant your machine will over heat and cut out. This causes downtime and could result in costly repairs.
    • Grease points greased? – This ensures all the parts on the machine that are supposed to move can move freely and free from contamination, extending the life of your machine parts.

    Some other bits of equipment to check on your rendering or plastering machine include…

    Rotors and Stators – Is your rotor and stator providing enough pressure to transfer the material from the machine to the wall? If not it could be time to change it.

    Hoses and couplings – are they clear and in good condition. Blocked hoses will not allow material to travel through to your spray gun. Perished or damaged delivery hoses can be dangerous as when under pressure they are more likely to split.

    Lubricating hoses prior to spraying

    One way of increasing the life of your rotor and stator and your delivery hoses is to ensure they are lubricated prior to spraying. Lubricating your delivery hoses reduces the resistance created in the hose, therefore allowing the render or plaster to pass through the hoses a lot easier and taking some strain off the machine. You can lubricate your hoses in a few different ways…

    1. Pump pure cement through the hoses prior to spraying and walk it out.
    2. Pump a special hose primer through your hoses such a leyco slick and walk it out.
    3. Pour water down the hose and walk it out (Water is not the best of lubricants and should be used as a last resort)

    Note: It is important to walk out your water or hose primer prior to spraying to ensure that the material you are spraying is consistent. Leaving water or cement in a hose will make it mix with your product you are spraying. This will see the finish product on the wall being either too wet or too cement rich and not to the clients spec. It can also wash out the goodness in the mix which will cause a blockage in your hoses.

    Keeping the machine clean

    Not only will keeping your rendering or plastering machine clean improve your company’s image when you turn up to site, it will also keep it working well. Renders and plasters are designed to be strong when they dry and set. This is great when putting material on the wall but not as good when they set on or inside your machine. Dry material can cause hoses, mixing chambers and rotors and stators to block. Although these parts of the machine are known as wear parts, the can add unnecessary costs to your company. So you don’t want to be replacing them unless you really have to.

    Maintenance at regular intervals

    It sounds quite obvious but you’ll be surprised at the amount of plastering or rendering machine owners who forget to maintain or service there machine until it’s too late. One vital part of the machine to look after is the Rotor and Stator. This is the unit on the machine that creates pressure to push your render or plaster down the delivery hoses and onto the wall. You will know when your rotor and stator is on the way out as it will begin to lose pressure. Some Rotors and Stators have ‘jackets’ you can fit to them to tighten the stator and get a little more life out of them. We always recommend keeping a spare rotor and stator in the van as a backup in case your rotor and stator dies on you. On an electric mixer pump a tell-tale sign of a worn rotor and stator is the material going wet, dry, wet, dry.

    Diesel machines – On a diesel powered render machine we recommend a full service around every 150 hours (which includes a changing of Oils and filters). This is only a rough guide and one we use on a hire fleet. For a more accurate time scale you can refer to your machine service manual. You can carry out a service on your machine yourself or at a garage. If however you would like to get a diesel rendering machine expert to look at your machine we will be happy to help.

    You can find our full service packages here… http://www.ces-hire.com/servicing

    Or call us on 01494 715472 for more information.

    Getting the most out of your Rendering and Plastering Machine
  5. Moustache Update
    8 December 2016

    It's Day 30 of Movember! 
    Here's Colin, Nick, Richard and Ben posing for a picture before they all go back to clean shaven tomorrow. 
    Thanks to everyone who has donated, anyone still wishing to donate can do so by following this link: http://moteam.co/ces-hire

    Moustache Update
  6. December Update!
    8 December 2016

    We're into December and Christmas is less than 20 days away! We've got some news to share with you including a Facebook Competition, an update on our Movember efforts, a new blog post and our Christmas opening times. Read on below for more information...

    We're giving away a bottle of Jack Daniels over on our Facebook page!
    Like Us on Facebook to Enter


    December Update!
  7. Our Website is now fully mobile responsive!
    19 October 2016

    Did you know we have recently turned www.ces-hire.com into a totally mobile responsive site? 
    What does that mean? Read on or take a look at our video for more information...

    This means you can buy tools, PPE and consumables where ever you are at a time that suits you! Either on a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone. 
    Take a look through our online tool shop where you will find plastering tools, rendering tools, brick laying tools as well as consumables and machine spare parts. 
    Free delivery and next day delivery is also available throughout the UK.


    Our Website is now fully mobile responsive!
  8. October Update!
    10 October 2016

    October is here! We've got some news to share with you including a new job role, stolen Putzmeister P11 and a blue window protection film special offer!

    We're Recruiting
    We're Recruiting a person with Mechanical Knowledge - Full Time

    Stolen Putzmeister P11
    Please be aware that one of our Putzmeister P11 LMR machines has been stolen from a site in Bristol whilst on hire.

    300mm Blue Window Protection Film Offer
    Blue Glass Protection Film 300mm x 100m
    Now Just £6.89 + VAT.


    View our range of tools and consumables at http://ces-hire.com/shop

  9. Blog: Using Protection For Spraying Render and Plaster!
    15 September 2016

    Using protection is vital when spraying render or plaster. If masking up (applying protection) when spraying plaster or render is done well then it can make the whole job go quicker, looking more professional and with minimal cleaning up afterwards. This saves you time and money!

    Key areas that need to be protected when machine applying spray able renders include… windows, doors, Fascia boards, Soffits, gutters, downpipes, Areas of brick not to be rendered (eg brick window cills or plinths), Security lights, Vents, flues garage doors and patio doors.

    Much like with rendering machines there are a few options for spray protection methods. Here at CES Hire we have been supplying protection to our painting, rendering and plastering customers for a fair few years now.

    Here’s a few options below…

    Speedy Mask 

    Available for indoor & outdoor usage and in a variety of ‘drops’ including 550mm, 1100mm, 1400mm and 2700mm. Speedy Mask is very popular for masking up.

    windows, walls, doors and floors. It’s static film prevents most over sprayed material from dropping onto the floor. Outdoor Speedy Mask comes fitted with UV protective tape this means you can leave the mask in place for up to 3 weeks without any residue from the tape being left behind.

    Blue Window Protection Film

    Our Window Protection Film is perfect for protecting windows whilst spraying renders, plasters or paints. The UV resistant feature makes it perfect for protecting windows from scratches and dirt, this means the product can be applied for up to 90 days without the adhesive being affected by sunlight and leaving no sticky residue on the window. It is also Self-adhesive, meaning you don’t need to apply a tape to secure the film in place. Our blue Glass Protection Film is available in 300mm or 500mm wide. Each roll has 100m of blue window protection film on it. Other applications included mirrors and glass furniture. Suitable for professional and domestic use.

    Scapa Red Polyflex Tape

    Scapa Red Polyflex 234 PE tape is a premium, UV resistant tape for demanding masking. This makes it great for use with spray rendering. It’s very sticky stuff which is why Red Polyflex tape is widely regarded in the construction industry as a specialist high performance product with proven performance including superior adhesion, excellent durability and strength, ease of use and watertight sealing properties. If required this tape can be used with Blue Window Protection Film to secure it down.

    You can find more information on our spray rendering protection methods at our website here

    Or call us on 01494 715472.

    Blog: Using Protection For Spraying Render and Plaster!
  10. New Rendering Machine Special Offer
    17 August 2016

    Euromair CP60 Diesel Rendering Kit
    SPECIAL OFFER: £15,750.00 + VAT 
    Do you need a Rendering Machine?
    Euromair CP60 Render Kit only £15,750 + VAT
    For more information
    visit www.ces-hire.com or call 01494 715472


    More information here... http://bit.ly/CompactPro60

    Available now from our stock!

    • 30m Delivery hose
    • 30m Airline
    • Render Spray Gun
    • Jet Wash
    • Machine Training
    • 1 Year Warranty covered by CES Hire

    More information at our website http://bit.ly/CompactPro60 
    Or call 01494 715472

    New Rendering Machine Special Offer
  11. April Update
    14 April 2016

    We're into spring and the weather seems to be improving. Here's a little update on all things CES. We've got a new blog post, Forced action mixers to hire and Marshalltown Tools in stock!

    Rendering Machine Blog

    After receiving many questions about spray rendering and rendering machines we've decided to write a short blog on them and their benefits.

    Forced Action Mixers

    We've got a range of Forced Action Mixers available to hire and purchase. Ideal for resin bond, rubber crumb and screeds. Please visit our website for more information.

    Marshalltown Tools

    We have recently taken on a few marshalltown tools. Including the Drywall Mesh Tape Gun. View our full range of tools at the website.

    Don't Forget to Get Your Machine Serviced 
    There's still time and spaces available to get your machine serviced before you put it through its paces this year. 
    We've got service packages to suit all makes and model of machine, whether you have bought it through us or not. We're sure to have a service that suits your needs! View all our servicing packages here... ces-hire.com/servicing or call us on 01494 715472.




    April Update
  12. Thank you for visiting us at the UK Concrete Show Last Week!
    26 February 2016

    We would just like to say a massive thank you to all the people who came and visited our stand at the UK Concrete Show last week. We really enjoyed the show and we hope you did too!

    You can find information below on the machines we had on display. We'll also keep our show offers running until March 11th.

    If you need any further information on these machines please call Ben on 01494 715472.


    Thank you for visiting us at the UK Concrete Show Last Week!

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